Installs rvm + ruby + nginx + mongodb on a stock Ubuntu 10.10 server
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This is my platform installer to get rvm + ruby + nginx with passenger + mongodb up and running!


Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat (tested) - 10.04 will probably work as well, but I haven't tested it.


On a stock Ubuntu 10.10, go to a terminal and run:

sudo bash -l -c "`wget --no-check-certificate -O -`"

Ruby and RVM

The installer does a system-wide installation of RVM and installs Ruby 1.9.2-p0


I use /opt to install the apps, you can customize them in the babushka-deps if you want.

Adding ruby web-apps

For a web application to be loaded by passenger automatically, the following criteria must be met

  • The app can be located anywhere, although, we prefer /opt
  • A symbolic link must be created to the apps public dir in /var/www/root , e.g. ln -s /opt/web_app/public/ /var/www/root/web_app
  • Every web app needs to have a file nginx.conf in its directory containing the prefix, e.g. passenger_base_uri web_app;

How things work

Roughly the process looks like this:

  1. Download which clones the whole repo
  2. Install pre-requisites rvm and ruby
  3. Install babushka and run it with defaults enabled, no questions asked
  4. Babushka will do the rest

After installing Babushka you can run babushka -T to list all available deps. You will usually run Babushka to install a server role. Servers roles have the .server extension, e.g: babushka proxyacc.server For this the proxyacc_server.rb file contains all required services.

Every server includes the platform dep, so every server has the basic tools needed install including this installer.

Extending install

Keep in mind that all tasks should be added as babushka deps. The bash scripts are only to get started.

All babushka deps should ideally check if the current dep is not only installed, but also if it is installed correctly and in the met section corrective actions shall be taken.