Dynamic DNS with NameSilo in BASH
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Announcement (2017-12-21)

I no longer use Namesilo's DNS service so I cannot help any issue for this script.


Dynamic DNS record update with NameSilo.

This is a Bash script to update Namesilo's DNS record when IP changed. Set to run this script as cronjob in your system.

Tested in Fedora 23, CentOS 7 and Ubuntu 14.04+.


  • Generate API key in the “api manager” at Namesilo

  • Make sure your system have command dig and xmllint. If not, install them:

on CentOS:

sudo yum install bind-utils libxml2

on Ubuntu/Debian:

sudo apt-get install dnsutils libxml2-utils

How to use:

  • Download and save the Bash script.
  • Modify the script, set “DOMAIN”, “HOST”, and “APIKEY” at the beginning of the script.
  • Set file permission to make it executable.
  • Create cronjob (optional)

Manual test:

You should test the script to verify that actually can update the DNS record at Namesilo.

Step 1: Create an A record in DNS Manager at Namesilo. Set it to a random IP address (not the same public IP of yours). For example:

test.mydomain.tld A

Step 2: Run the script to try to update this DNS record

Step 3: Verify:

dig +short test.domain.tld @ns1.dnsowl.com

(you may also try other DNS server at Namesilo, e.g. ns2.dnsowl.com, ns3.dnsowl.com )

The result should show updated DNS record with your current public IP address. (Note: DNS record update need time to propagate to other DNS server, so if your check against other DNS server you may not see the update right away.)