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Q2A Webmaster Plugin Question2Answer Q2A Themes


This plugin gives you a report of your Question2Answer site's SEO status and ranks, stat of users and contents, Server info & Memory usage, and Server Security configurations that you can use to make your site more secure.


Q2A Stats

  • Lists number of questions, answers, comments and registration status of contributors
  • Lists number of user, users with content, and total points earned

SEO Statistics

  • Google Page Rank of your Q2A homepage
  • Number of indexed paged by google
  • Alexa report(rank, lists, speed, DMoz directory listing)
  • SEMrush report
  • Social Activity
    • number of facebook activity(comments, likes, shares)
    • Google +1s
    • Linkedin Shares
    • Delicious bookmarks
    • Stumbleupon views
    • Pinterest pins

Server Information

  • Memory Usage and percentage of available memory
  • PHP, MySQL version
  • DB size & maximum upload size
  • Server's Operating System, IP and site name
  • Server's software, protocol and visitors user agent detected by server

Server Security

  • Reports 11 PHP & Apache misconfigurations that can cause vulnerabilities in your site.
  • Shows link to a guide to fix each problem.


  1. Download the plugin.
  2. Extract q2a-webmaster directory..
  3. upload it to your Q2A site's qa-plugins/ directory.

to use the plugin log in as Administrator and visit 'Webmaster' link will be added at the end of your main navigation. Navigation item will only be visible to administrators and only they can access webmaster's page. Navigation menu can be deactivated/ or directly accessed in plugin options.

to update SEO Stats visit it's tab and click Update Stats


This plugin is compatible with Q2A 1.6 & Q2A 1.7 and should work with older versions of Q2A too.


Q2A Webmaster Plugin plugin is developed by Towhid Nategheian and supported by provides Free Question2Answer themes & plugins and offers professional development & Design services. check out our free Q2A products:


to use free support, create/login your account in and start a support topic in Support Forum's Plugin Support Section.


this plugin and all it's source code is Copylefted. use and enjoy.

About Q2A

Question2Answer is a free and open source platform for creating Question & Answer communities(Q&A Websites). For more information visit Q2A's official site at


this plugin gives administrators access to their Q2A site's important stats and server information.






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