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Angular webapp for QatHome Rest service API


[Qathome] ( is the latest evolution in queue management and reservation management. It's reliable, fast, scalable, and carefully tested!

This is a freely licensed client to create your queue management / reservation management web-app based on Qathome API. The setup takes less than one hour and your are ready to rebrand QatHome interface, sell this service to others, see some working examples of advanced settings such as multiservice queues, custom calendars, maximum daily tickets limits and so on.

If you want to know more, [contact us] (!


  • Pip

  • Python 2.7 (this release is tested on 2.7.5 only)

    sudo apt-get install python-pip
    cd Python-2.7.5


Clone this project and navigate to project folder. Install requirements

sudo pip install -r requirements.txt


  1. Create an account to manage your queue on [QatHome] (

  2. Follow instructions to validate your email and create your firm, until you reach the help page in the queue manager interface

  3. Login with your user (

  4. Create your application on (link is available only AFTER LOGIN)

  5. QatHome follows the [OAuth 2.0] ( standard so feel free to choose what you need (Use for example "Client type" = "Public", "Authorization grant type" = "Resource owner password-based", nothing into "redirect uris")

  6. Go to project folder and edit static/src/config.js:

        server: '',
        client_id: 'CLIENT_ID',
        client_secret: 'CLIENT_SECRET',
        username: 'USERNAME',
        password: 'PASSWORD',
        firm_id: 'FIRM_ID'
    • replace string CLIENT_ID, CLIENT_SECRET with your QatHome application client_id and client_secret
    • replace string USERNAME and PASSWORD with your QatHome account email and password
    • replace string FIRM_ID with your firm id that you can find in the url after login in the queue manager interface. For example: if the url is then the firm id is 45cbde9e-0dd1-34c4-bf4a-acf92eaf1706
  7. Run the application from project root folder:

    ./ runserver
  8. Type in the address bar of your favourite browser