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widdler is a single binary that serves up TiddlyWikis.

It can be used to serve existing wikis, or to create new ones.


  • TiddlyWikis are served over WebDav so you can save directly from the browser.
  • Automatically create new wiki files by browsing to a non-existent html file.
  • Built in .htpasswd management (Adding users).
  • Password protection via HTTP Basic Authentication.
  • Multiple users (adding another user to the .htaccess file creates a new user namespace).
  • Optional TLS support.


For Go 1.16:

go get -u

For Go 1.17 and up:

go install


mkdir wiki
cd wiki
# Generate a .htpasswd file:
widdler -gen
Username: qbit
Passwd: ******
# Start the server

Now open your browser to http://localhost:8080.

Creating a new TiddlyWiki

Simply browse to the file name you wish to create. widdler will automatically create the wiki file based off the current empty.html TiddlyWiki version.

Saving changes

Simply hit the save button!

Updating widdler

go install

Running without .htpasswd

You can disable auth all together by setting the -auth flag to false:

widdler -auth=false -wikis ~/wiki