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  1. TextAttack Public

    TextAttack 🐙 is a Python framework for adversarial attacks, data augmentation, and model training in NLP

    Python 2k 250

  2. EMNLP BlackBox NLP 2020: Searching for a Search Method: Benchmarking Search Algorithms for Generating NLP Adversarial Examples

    Jupyter Notebook 18 2

  3. ChromeGCN Public

    Bioinformatics 2020: Graph Neural Networks for DNA Sequence Classification

    Python 24 7

  4. C-Tran Public

    General Multi-label Image Classification with Transformers

    Python 120 23

  5. Multivariate Time Series Forecasting with efficient Transformers. Code for the paper "Long-Range Transformers for Dynamic Spatiotemporal Forecasting."

    Python 271 67

  6. A2T: Towards Improving Adversarial Training of NLP Models (EMNLP 2021 Findings)

    Python 14 2


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