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Camelot DJ

A Chrome estension for Beatport

Get it in the Chrome Web Store.

Camelot DJ adds BPM and key (in Camelot notation) to track lists. This applies to all Top 100 lists and your Hold Bin.

Top 100

It also adds a selector to the page which lets you pick a key to mix with.

The track lists are then filtered to show keys which mix well with the selected key.

Hold Bin

Oh, and it adds some convenient links to the top 100 lists for the bigger genres.

Console version

Obviously a Chrome extension only works on Chrome, but ... if you want to see BPM/key on a Top 100 list, you can just cut/paste this into the console. And it works in Firefox, too!

// Rewrite a Beatport Top 100 page -- add key/bpm column
beatportKeyToCamelotKey = {
    'G♯ min':  '1A',    'A♭ min':  '1A',    'B maj':   '1B',
    'D♯ min':  '2A',    'E♭ min':  '2A',    'F♯ maj':  '2B',    'G♭ maj':  '2B',
    'A♯ min':  '3A',    'B♭ min':  '3A',    'C♯ maj':  '3B',    'D♭ maj':  '3B',
    'F min':   '4A',                        'G♯ maj':  '4B',    'A♭ maj':  '4B',
    'C min':   '5A',                        'D♯ maj':  '5B',    'E♭ maj':  '5B',
    'G min':   '6A',                        'A♯ maj':  '6B',    'B♭ maj':  '6B',
    'D min':   '7A',                        'F maj':   '7B',
    'A min':   '8A',                        'C maj':   '8B',
    'E min':   '9A',                        'G maj':   '9B',
    'B min':  '10A',                        'D maj':  '10B',
    'F♯ min': '11A',    'G♭ min': '11A',    'A maj':  '11B',
    'C♯ min': '12A',    'D♭ min': '12A',    'E maj':  '12B'
document.head.insertAdjacentHTML('beforeend', [
        '.buk-track-labels div { display: inline-block; width: 3em; }',
        '.buk-track-labels div:last-child { text-align: right; }',
        'li .buk-track-labels div { color: #fff; font: 700 1.077em/1.25 SourceSans; }',
if ((labelColumnHeader = document.querySelector('.bucket-track-header-col.buk-track-labels'))) {
    labelColumnHeader.innerHTML = '<div>BPM</div><div>KEY</div>';
    Array.from(document.querySelectorAll('li .buk-track-labels')).forEach((label, i) => {
        if ((info = window.Playables && window.Playables.tracks && window.Playables.tracks[i])) {
            label.innerHTML = `<div>${info.bpm}</div><div>${beatportKeyToCamelotKey[info.key]}</div>`;

The code

Doing this in the console is a lot easier than doing it in an extension because of sandboxing.

We can't get to the window object, and Beatport uses a lot of AJAX, and the track data lives in a dynamically-loaded script tag. Injecting all the code to hijack XHR events gets really messy, so we just grab the script tag and evaluate it. Then we have a polling function which checks to see when the URL changes after an AJAX call, and then we reload the data.


If you think I picked terrible genres, feel free to ping me on Reddit and tell me how awful I am.

If you think showing the matching major/minor keys is an affront to music theory, feel free to explain to me how I can be better at this mixing thing.