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fix prepare-commit for python additions

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3nids committed Jun 20, 2018
1 parent f749c52 commit 408979ceb5744aa1eebe3a6c812dd3df842a7509
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@@ -116,15 +116,15 @@ for f in $MODIFIED; do
# if cpp header
if [[ $f =~ ^src\/(core|gui|analysis|server)\/.*\.h$ ]]; then
# look if corresponding SIP file
sip_include=$(${GP}sed -r 's@^src/(\w+)/.*$@python/\1/\1.sip@' <<< $f )
sip_file=$(${GP}sed -r 's@^src/(core|gui|analysis|server)/@@; s@\.h$@.sip@' <<<$f )
pyfile=$(${GP}sed -E 's@([^\/]+\/)*([^\/]+)\.sip@\;' <<< $sip_file)
module=$(${GP}sed -r 's@src/(core|gui|analysis|server)/.*$@\1@' <<<$f )
if grep -Fq "$sip_file" ${TOPLEVEL}/python/${module}/${module}_auto.sip; then
sip_file=$(${GP}sed -r 's@^src/(core|gui|analysis|server)@\1/auto_generated@; s@\.h$' <<<$f )
touch python/$sip_file
cp python/$sip_file $m
${TOPLEVEL}/scripts/ -s python/$sip_file -p python/${module}/ $f
${TOPLEVEL}/scripts/ -s python/$sip_file -p python/${module}/auto_additions/${pyfile} $f
if ! diff -u $m python/$sip_file >>$SIPIFYDIFF; then
echo "python/$sip_file is not up to date"

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