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nyalldawson committed May 2, 2021
1 parent 5aed66f commit 619036e564b8fb472e9ade7002f2a8d27d842efb
Showing with 62 additions and 1 deletion.
  1. +1 −1 src/core/providers/ogr/qgsogrprovider.cpp
  2. +61 −0 tests/src/python/
@@ -7328,7 +7328,7 @@ bool QgsOgrProviderMetadata::saveLayerMetadata( const QString &uri, const QgsLay
QTextStream textStream( &metadataXml ); textStream, 2 );

// so far so good, ready to through the whole of the QGIS layer XML into the metadata table!
// so far so good, ready to throw the whole of the QGIS layer XML into the metadata table!
QString sql = QStringLiteral( "INSERT INTO gpkg_metadata (md_scope, md_standard_uri, mime_type, metadata) VALUES (%1,%2,%3,%4);" )
.arg( QgsSqliteUtils::quotedString( QStringLiteral( "dataset" ) ),
QgsSqliteUtils::quotedString( QStringLiteral( "" ) ),
@@ -41,12 +41,16 @@
from qgis.PyQt.QtCore import QCoreApplication, QVariant, QDate, QTime, QDateTime, Qt
from qgis.PyQt.QtXml import QDomDocument
from qgis.testing import start_app, unittest
from qgis.utils import spatialite_connect
from utilities import unitTestDataPath

from sqlite3 import OperationalError

TEST_DATA_DIR = unitTestDataPath()

@@ -1588,6 +1592,63 @@ def testGeopackageLayerMetadata(self):
self.assertEqual(vl1.metadata().title(), 'my title')
self.assertEqual(vl1.metadata().abstract(), 'my desc')

def testGeopackageSaveMetadata(self):
tmpfile = os.path.join(self.basetestpath, 'testGeopackageSaveMetadata.gpkg')
ds = ogr.GetDriverByName('GPKG').CreateDataSource(tmpfile)
lyr = ds.CreateLayer('test', geom_type=ogr.wkbPolygon)
lyr.CreateField(ogr.FieldDefn('str_field', ogr.OFTString))
lyr.CreateField(ogr.FieldDefn('str_field2', ogr.OFTString))
f = None
ds = None

con = spatialite_connect(tmpfile, isolation_level=None)
cur = con.cursor()
rs = cur.execute("SELECT * FROM gpkg_metadata_reference WHERE table_name='test'")
res = [row for row in rs]
self.assertEqual(len(res), 0)
except OperationalError:
# geopackage_metadata_reference table doesn't exist, that's ok

# now save some metadata
metadata = QgsLayerMetadata()
metadata.setAbstract('my abstract')
metadata.setIdentifier('my identifier')
metadata.setLicenses(['l1', 'l2'])
ok, err = QgsProviderRegistry.instance().saveLayerMetadata('ogr', QgsProviderRegistry.instance().encodeUri('ogr', {'path': tmpfile, 'layerName': 'test'}), metadata)

con = spatialite_connect(tmpfile, isolation_level=None)
cur = con.cursor()

# check that main gpkg_contents metadata columns have been updated
rs = cur.execute("SELECT identifier, description FROM gpkg_contents WHERE table_name='test'")
rows = [r for r in rs]
self.assertCountEqual(rows[0], ['my identifier', 'my abstract'])

rs = cur.execute("SELECT md_file_id FROM gpkg_metadata_reference WHERE table_name='test'")
file_ids = [row[0] for row in rs]

rs = cur.execute("SELECT id, md_scope, mime_type, metadata FROM gpkg_metadata WHERE md_standard_uri=''")
res = [row for row in rs]
# id must match md_file_id from gpkg_metadata_reference
self.assertIn(res[0][0], file_ids)
self.assertEqual(res[0][1], 'dataset')
self.assertEqual(res[0][2], 'text/xml')
metadata_xml = res[0][3]

metadata2 = QgsLayerMetadata()
doc = QDomDocument()
self.assertEqual(metadata2.abstract(), 'my abstract')
self.assertEqual(metadata2.identifier(), 'my identifier')
self.assertEqual(metadata2.licenses(), ['l1', 'l2'])

def testUniqueValuesOnFidColumn(self):
"""Test regression #21311 OGR provider returns an empty set for GPKG uniqueValues"""

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