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Release of 3.28.6
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jef-n committed Apr 28, 2023
1 parent 4b8d40f commit 868c9fa
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2 changes: 1 addition & 1 deletion CMakeLists.txt
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set(RELEASE_NAME "Firenze")
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Jürgen E. Fischer <> 2023-04-28

translation update for 3.28.6 from transifex

Jürgen E. Fischer <> 2023-04-21

fix double translation issue

(cherry picked from commit b739d6d8ad198dfcbfa237c54db27bb0fa238e43)

Alexander Bruy <> 2023-03-08

fix displaying of the enum parameter options when static strings mode is
active and multiple selection is enabled. Also improve conversion to
Python string

Yoann Quenach de Quivillic <> 2023-04-19

Fix QgsDatabaseTableComboBox::setSchema

D'Hont René-Luc <> 2023-04-21

[Bugfix] Processing plugin: bad check layer from QgsProcessingOutputMultipleLayers

After running algorithm, the processing plugin take the layer from result to provide map layer instead of string.
In the case of QgsProcessingOutputMultipleLayers, the instance check is not done on the layer but on an array.

Damiano Lombardi <> 2023-04-20

Reverte merge behaviour: merge into existing feature when expl. selected

Damiano Lombardi <> 2023-04-19

Fix merge dialog using default clause instead of feature id

Nyall Dawson <> 2023-04-17

Fix potential -1 value passed to QVector::at

Nyall Dawson <> 2023-04-17

Fix use after free when rendering 3d linestrings

Andrea Giudiceandrea <> 2023-04-17

Add test for QgsGeometryCollection::vertexAt with negative part index

Andrea Giudiceandrea <> 2023-04-17

Fix QgsGeometryUtils::verticesAtDistance for empty geometry

return false

Andrea Giudiceandrea <> 2023-04-17

Fix QgsGeometry::interpolateAngle for empty geometry

return 0.0 also for empty geometry

Andrea Giudiceandrea <> 2023-04-16

Fix crash using QgsGeometryCollection::vertexAt with empty geometry

Nyall Dawson <> 2023-04-11

Fix some invalid help example expressions

(cherry picked from commit fe158c2faa352b2d4ac2f21bc9c6ff079138a80e)

Merge: 0670a14dab 445b07798f
Even Rouault <> 2023-04-13

Merge pull request #52616 from qgis/backport-52614-to-release-3_28

[Backport release-3_28] Fix incorrect argument order in header

Merge: 5fb54d4ea5 467eb33880
Even Rouault <> 2023-04-13

Merge pull request #52650 from qgis/backport-52641-to-release-3_28

[Backport release-3_28] Fix some cppcheck nullptr check warnings

Nyall Dawson <> 2023-04-12

Fix some cppcheck nullptr check warnings

Harrissou Sant-anna <> 2023-04-07

Another unnecessary parenthesis

Harrissou Sant-anna <> 2023-04-07

Add precision to concatenator parameter

Harrissou Sant-anna <> 2023-04-07

Remove excessive parenthesis

Nyall Dawson <> 2023-04-10

Drop cppcheck workflow from stable branches

The amount of fixes required to get this passing again will be
far too intrusive for safe backporting

Nyall Dawson <> 2023-04-10

Fix incorrect argument order in header

No actual bug fixed by this -- both arguments are always true
wherever this object is used

Nyall Dawson <> 2023-04-07

Avoid spurious cpp check function can be const warning

Nyall Dawson <> 2023-04-07

Don't leave auth method registry in illdefined state after calling clean

Mathieu Pellerin <> 2023-04-08

[vector tiles] Fix handling of text buffer default color and opacity

Mathieu Pellerin <> 2023-04-08

[vector tiles] Fix editing of label styles results in missing labels

Mathieu Pellerin <> 2023-04-09

[vector tiles] Follow up PR #52220: respect background style's enabled state

Nyall Dawson <> 2023-04-05

Add some cppcheck macro definitions to avoid some warnings

Nyall Dawson <> 2023-04-05

Run cppcheck on ubuntu latest

Nyall Dawson <> 2023-04-05

Exclude qgsgcptransformer.cpp from cppcheck scanning

This file causes cppcheck to hang indefinitely. Suppressing warnings
is not sufficient, we need to completely exclude this file from the

uclaros <> 2023-04-06

handle cases of missing indexes

Andrea Giudiceandrea <> 2023-04-06

Fix setting text field length default parameter in New Memory Layer dialog

Andrea Giudiceandrea <> 2023-04-06

Fix enabling field length parameter in New Memory Layer dialog

Nyall Dawson <> 2023-04-04

Avoid loss of text in code editors when certain modifiers are pressed

These are triggered when a InputMethod event is sent to the widget.
There's upstream discussion at
and the fix was added to QScintilla version 2.13.3

As the loss of text is an extreme risk, just disable input method
handling in these widgets on affected versions entirely.

Fixes #52459

(cherry picked from commit 8f5476e6d75a94d37645bd2135f7b76b57cbbc29)

Nyall Dawson <> 2023-04-03

Fix layout legend layer title not immediately updating

Fixes #52261

Andrea Giudiceandrea <> 2023-04-03

[Geometry Checker] Fix availableResolutionMethods()

Harrissou Sant-anna <> 2023-04-03

Add example of flip_coordinates with linestring

Andrea Giudiceandrea <> 2023-03-31

[Geometry Checker] Fix Minimal polygon area check

Matthias Kuhn <> 2023-04-01


Damiano Lombardi <> 2023-03-10

Don't handle valueChanged for each duplicate widget

nicogodet <> 2023-03-28

update tests

nicogodet <> 2023-03-28

Add `-overwrite` to gdalwarp permanently

Nyall Dawson <> 2023-03-28

Secondary canvas extent options should be checkboxes, not radio buttons

Otherwise it is IMPOSSIBLE to disable one of the "sync extent" options
after enabling them!

Even Rouault <> 2023-03-23

Vector file writer: add GML2 choice, and default to GML3.2 which is the default since GDAL 3.4

Even Rouault <> 2023-01-29

Remove any trace of distutils use as it is going to be removed in python 3.12 (fixes #51532)

Jean Felder <> 2023-03-20

qgs3daxis: Fix camera conf by taking into account terrain offset

This was found by Stefanos Natsis.

Even Rouault <> 2023-02-11

Fix flake8 issue

Even Rouault <> 2023-01-28

[OGR] Round-trip milliseconds and timezone in DateTime fields (fixes #48393, fixes #44160)

Even Rouault <> 2023-01-28 avoid infinite loop

Nyall Dawson <> 2023-03-14

Update src/gui/qgsexpressiontreeview.cpp

signedav <> 2023-03-12

make operator name and expression more dynamic. E.g. '[ ]' value has no leading and tailing space.

signedav <> 2023-03-08

pass tags to registerItem so we can find e.g. '/' and '%' by writing "division" fixes #52157

Even Rouault <> 2023-03-19

Fix insufficiently escaped backslash in regular expressions

Genealizes the fix of to
other places exhibiting the same issue.

vcloarec <> 2023-03-16

check menu after contextMenuAboutToShow

vcloarec <> 2023-03-15

fix void context menu of map canvas

Mathieu Pellerin <> 2023-03-15

Remove unused expression code

Mathieu Pellerin <> 2023-03-14

Better fix (faster rendering, works for PDF, better during progressive rendering)

Mathieu Pellerin <> 2023-03-14

[vector tile] Fix tile background edge artifacts by using a buffered polygon

Even Rouault <> 2023-03-10

Use gdal::dataset_unique_ptr to store return of GDALOpenEx() (fixes #52052)

This avoids an implicit case from OGRDataSourceH to GDALDatasetH, that
doesn't work with all compilers

pathmapper <> 2023-02-23

Fix unintended replacement of percent encoded URL parts

pathmapper <> 2023-02-23

Avoid '?&' for prev/next link query string

pathmapper <> 2023-02-23

Fox offset calculation for prev link

test added

pathmapper <> 2023-02-23

Fix title key for prev/next links

Even Rouault <> 2023-03-09

fillRingUnderPoint(): update test to detect if FID is set

Nyall Dawson <> 2023-03-09

Update src/app/qgsmaptoolfillring.cpp

Even Rouault <> 2023-03-09

QgsMapToolFillRing::fillRingUnderPoint(): fix -Wmaybe-uninitialized warning

signedav <> 2023-03-10

missing image

signedav <> 2023-03-10

fix control images

signedav <> 2023-03-03

pass painter to the function to create the default renderer context and return it

signedav <> 2023-03-01

fix missing comma and dont make font settings on rule

signedav <> 2023-03-01

dont make variants for new tests

signedav <> 2023-03-01

Update of PyQgsServerWMSGetLegendGraphic on all image requests using labels and having not yet a fix font with "LAYERFONTBOLD": "TRUE", "LAYERFONTSIZE": "12", "LAYERFONTFAMILY": self.fontFamily, "ITEMFONTBOLD": "TRUE", "ITEMFONTSIZE": "12", "ITEMFONTFAMILY": self.fontFamily

signedav <> 2023-02-24

deduplicate duplicate code

signedav <> 2023-02-24

tests for meter based default scales

signedav <> 2023-02-24

Append distance area when using defaultMapUnitsPerMm to consider the correct CRS and care about meter based crs. This fixes #50366

signedav <> 2023-02-24

Fix DPI on getLegendGraphic concerning a RULE. It should not take the context settings according to the mapSettings since it NEVER has a BBOX (since of RULE)

signedav <> 2023-02-24

Fix inconcequent use of DPI at generating the WMS legend

- Consider DPI of QgsWmsRenderContext what is the OGC default (0.28 mm per pixel) or the passed WMS parameter - this is done by creating the QgsRenderContext by the mapSettings (with BBOX) or applying the dotsPerMm to the scaleFactor.

- Additionally the image size needs to be calculated according to the QgsRenderContext now, what means it needs to be generated before.

- The QPainter needs to be applied after to the context (since it's not passed by creating the context anymore).

Jürgen E. Fischer <> 2023-03-31

Release of 3.28.5

Jürgen E. Fischer <> 2023-03-31

translation update for 3.28.5 from transifex
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