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Release of 3.16.8
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jef-n committed Jun 18, 2021
1 parent e963c5b commit 8c50902ea45244f19ca002a9ad110ef79ba0e086
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@@ -17,7 +17,7 @@ set(CMAKE_LINK_DEPENDS_NO_SHARED ON)
# Project and version
set(RELEASE_NAME "Hannover")
374 ChangeLog
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Jürgen E. Fischer <> 2021-06-18

translation update for 3.16.8 from transifex

Nyall Dawson <> 2021-06-14

[processing] Fix broken execution of models via browser/drag and drop

Fixes #43698
Fixes #42181

Alessandro Pasotti <> 2021-06-15

Fix #43741 estract SHP encoding

Nyall Dawson <> 2021-06-10

Gracefully handle coordinate transform errors in data defined label pos

Nyall Dawson <> 2021-06-09

Fix crash in labeling if label has data defined x/y set and projection error occurs transforming these coordinates

Nyall Dawson <> 2021-06-09

Fix zonal statistics does not correctly handle coordinate transforms

Fixes #26858

Nyall Dawson <> 2021-06-09

Don't assume that owslib >= 0.20 is available

Fixes #38074

Nyall Dawson <> 2021-06-11

Update src/core/qgsofflineediting.cpp

Co-authored-by: Harrissou Sant-anna <>

Ivan Ivanov <> 2021-06-10

Add layer validity checks and hints where not to expect nullptr

Nyall Dawson <> 2021-06-10

Don't crash when calculating centroid of empty geometry

Refs #38983

Nyall Dawson <> 2021-06-10

Fix crash in geometry checker when empty geometries are found

Fixes #38983

Nyall Dawson <> 2021-06-09

Correctly redraw canvas when applying project properties changes

Nyall Dawson <> 2021-06-08

Fix massive performance regression in attribute table

Follow up 56f7812ca1e

This commit fixed the ordering of features coming from the
vector layer cache for the attribute table, but came with a massive
speed impact due to the repeated calls QList::contains for
every feature fetched. For any moderately sized table or above
these calls stacked up into multiple minute delays in opening
the table.

Avoid this by tracking the added feature ids in a separate
unordered set, so that we don't need to check through the
ordered list for existing features at all.

Eg a 500k feature gpkg was taking 10 minutes to open the table.
With this optimization that's back down to 20 seconds.

(cherry picked from commit b4757dacc679914441920c739084de412281eb27)

Nyall Dawson <> 2021-06-08

Fix "force layer to render as raster" setting wasn't correctly copied
with cloned renderers

And move more common code to QgsFeatureRenderer::copyRendererData

Fixes #43535

(cherry picked from commit 4e40323a3263016ff716f64d1d38d49c82ddcf54)

Denis Rouzaud <> 2021-06-03

fix filter expression not correctly loaded for relation reference widget after project loading

fixes #42803

Nyall Dawson <> 2021-06-08

Fix build

Nyall Dawson <> 2021-06-08

Fix build

Nyall Dawson <> 2021-06-07


Nyall Dawson <> 2021-06-03

[dxf] Fix broken coordinate transform when exporting features
to DXF, add tests

Fixes #43449

Nyall Dawson <> 2021-06-03

Fix clazy warnings in dxf export

Nyall Dawson <> 2021-06-08

Fix data type for feature count in overlay algorithms

Nyall Dawson <> 2021-06-08

Don't try to continue calculating union steps after cancelation occurs

Fixes #43553

Nyall Dawson <> 2021-06-07

Fix data defined properties which bind to a field can have incorrect
values when the linked field has a null value

(cherry picked from commit bb131c566ae448ae087475c0f67f519603a6de5f)

Alessandro Pasotti <> 2021-06-07

WMS: don't crash on invalid layers

Fixes #43580

Matthias Kuhn <> 2021-06-04

Fix geographicflag loading

Fixes #43556

Nyall Dawson <> 2021-05-28

[server] Fix incorrect response code used for exception

(cherry picked from commit 3cc20607bcfbd2b058618b8b49d8f61ccef597b1)

Nyall Dawson <> 2021-05-29

Completely remove QgsVectorLayerFeatureIterator::FetchJoinInfo::joinLayer and note in api_break.dox

There's no point in keeping such a dangerous member in the api

(cherry picked from commit b1ddf5f46112bac2c61f3860b60d2774d0d64ca6)

Nyall Dawson <> 2021-05-29

Fix sip

(cherry picked from commit fe48b191d2e2c8d2364a14a10fb1e91eb7900c1c)

Nyall Dawson <> 2021-05-28

Do not access join layer from QgsVectorLayerFeatureIterator

This is not thread safe at all - we cannot access a layer from
an iterator, as iterators may be running on background threads.

Instead use a thread safe approach of storing a QgsVectorLayerFeatureSource
and using that instead

Fixes #38551

(cherry picked from commit b4d1dd8771f700d0f1c2048cd1d0fc69466d32b1)

qgis-bot <> 2021-06-02

Push image to DockerHub only if rep_owner == qgis (#43513)

Allow a more comfortable play with tests in a forked repository.

Co-authored-by: MorriganR <>

vcloarec <> 2021-05-31

[backport] fix classification of singleband pseudocolor (#43346)

Even Rouault <> 2021-05-31

Fix various crashes on a vector layer with a broken provider

Alessandro Pasotti <> 2021-05-31

Server: fix unreported project storage not supported with -p

-p only supported filesystem storage this PR fixes this
behavior by initializing providers before the project
is loaded and by attempting a project read instead of
just checking for the file.

Backported from master 545dcacb23ef6e5e87d0328f3dd07b999023dd6d

Blottiere Paul <> 2021-05-31

VERSION is mandatory for getmap requests in WMS 1.3.0

Even Rouault <> 2021-05-20

[OGR provider] Fix wrong gpkg_metadata_reference_column_name_update trigger

Fixes #42768

Proper GDAL fix in

Alessandro Pasotti <> 2021-05-25

Fix test control file for WFS3 items

Alessandro Pasotti <> 2021-05-24

Fix WFS3 overlapping text template

Fixes: #42269

Even Rouault <> 2021-05-24

QgsOgrLayer::GetApproxFeatureCount(): fix wrong test on WFS3 driver name

WFS3 was the name in GDAL 3.0, before we changed to OAPIF in 3.1

Even Rouault <> 2021-05-20

[OGR provider] Do not corrupt values when updating a GPKG feature

and that the fid value is included in the fields to update, and that it
doesn't change.

Also rollback all changes if an update of FID is attempted.

Fixes #42274

Even Rouault <> 2021-05-21

[WFS provider] Transmit error message of feature downloader to provider

Even Rouault <> 2021-05-21

[WFS provider] Use ows:ExceptionReport for error message (fixes #42985)

Even Rouault <> 2021-05-21

QgsSQLStatement parser: emit more relevant error message (fixes #42985)

Even Rouault <> 2021-05-21

[WFS provider] Encode space as %20 in URL

Relates to #42985

Even Rouault <> 2021-05-21

QgsVectorDataProvider::convertToProviderType(): accept converting a single-part multigeometry to single geometry

Fixes #41283

Even Rouault <> 2021-05-21

QgsVectorLayerEditBuffer::commitChanges(): do not do anything if added features are of incompatible type

Fixes #41283

Even Rouault <> 2021-05-21

[OGR provider] Make changeGeometryValues() return false when an error occurs

Even Rouault <> 2021-05-21

[WFS provider] Accept 'code' attribute in ExceptionReport (fixes #42196)

Even Rouault <> 2021-05-21

[Delimited provider] Increase buffer size to 10 MB to be able to read huge WKT (fixes #43256)

Even Rouault <> 2021-05-20

[OGR provider] Workaround crash on SQLite layers with GDAL 3.3.0

Fixes #43224

Proper fix is in GDAL in

Even Rouault <> 2021-05-20

[WMS provider] Fix crash on WMS-T layer uri without timeDimensionExtent

Fixes #43158

Paulo van Breugel <> 2021-05-21

Update r.clump.txt

Add missing threshold parameter. It sets a threshold to identify similar cells. Floating number, valid range: 0 = identical to < 1 = maximal difference. Default: 0

Blottiere Paul <> 2021-05-19

Update pyogctest

Andrea Giudiceandrea <> 2021-04-23

[DB Manager] Fix No Geometry tables

Avoid to add a nonexistent 'geometry' field to the fields list of No Geometry tables.

Andrea Giudiceandrea <> 2021-04-23

[DB Manager] Fix recognition of project layers with Z/M…

…or CurvePolygon/MultyCurve/... geometry types as spatial layers.

Loïc Bartoletti <> 2021-04-27

[BUGFIX] Fixes QgsPostgresProviderConnection::createSpatialIndex. Adds quotedIdentifier to avoid failure when indexName contains 'invalid' characters

uclaros <> 2021-04-24

Call proper parent deactivate() for QgsMapToolMoveFeature

(cherry picked from commit 90df2b3d782966bf767122728716496500e202c6)

Mathieu Pellerin <> 2021-04-19

Add a test covering data defined angle for polygon outline marker line, update one control image

(cherry picked from commit 925b8274290c70b36e3ba3850ea74896bb3892bd)

Mathieu Pellerin <> 2021-04-18

[symbology] Make use of the marker symbol line angle for all polyline templated line rendering

(cherry picked from commit 34ae29f7a6fb05d9789a6b0c0df141222e2e5f63)

Mathieu Pellerin <> 2021-03-31

Ensure that cached vector getFeatures request respect provider ordering

(cherry picked from commit 56f7812ca1e9f80571c9e86d776153520ae0ef52)

vcloarec <> 2021-04-14

backport #42713

D'Hont René-Luc <> 2021-04-12

[Server] QgsServerFeatureId use STRING_TO_FID instead of toLongLong

As in ohter part of the QGIS Server code, to insert into a QgsFeatureIds list, using STRING_TOFID instead of toLongLong.

(cherry picked from commit e61d4c576553fd02c03f15a4a18218bc53e58b81)

Jürgen E. Fischer <> 2021-05-14

Release of 3.16.7

Jürgen E. Fischer <> 2021-05-14

translation update for 3.16.7 from transifex

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