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[processing] Fix double-evaluation of warp output parameter

Causes an incorrect warning about layer not being generated to appear
after running the algorithm

Fixes #30095
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nyalldawson committed May 26, 2020
1 parent bd8b94a commit adeca2f586203913ae3702531b32579ed4c14344
Showing with 0 additions and 2 deletions.
  1. +0 −2 python/plugins/processing/algs/gdal/
@@ -175,8 +175,6 @@ def getConsoleCommands(self, parameters, context, feedback, executing=True):
if inLayer is None:
raise QgsProcessingException(self.invalidRasterError(parameters, self.INPUT))

out = self.parameterAsOutputLayer(parameters, self.OUTPUT, context)
self.setOutputValue(self.OUTPUT, out)
sourceCrs = self.parameterAsCrs(parameters, self.SOURCE_CRS, context)
targetCrs = self.parameterAsCrs(parameters, self.TARGET_CRS, context)
if self.NODATA in parameters and parameters[self.NODATA] is not None:

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