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Use QgsLabelFeature internally by PAL

This code has been funded by Tuscany Region (Italy) - SITA (CIG: 63526840AE) and commissioned to Gis3W s.a.s.
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wonder-sk committed Sep 21, 2015
1 parent 26c1e0f commit b5e492277bcb294b684d84f85f6d01e03d014c8b
@@ -86,7 +86,7 @@ namespace pal
lp->setConflictsWithObstacle( true );

//scale cost by obstacle's factor
double obstacleCost = obstacle->getFeature()->obstacleFactor() * double( n );
double obstacleCost = obstacle->obstacleFactor() * double( n );

// label cost is penalized
lp->setCost( lp->cost() + obstacleCost );

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