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only _AddDllDirectory existing directories (fixes OSGeo4W#649)

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github-actions authored and jef-n committed Nov 9, 2020
1 parent 06bfb42 commit bf448c39979fe1d9940ed408ac8cacfd9eb04bc0
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@@ -780,7 +780,7 @@ def _import(name, globals={}, locals={}, fromlist=[], level=None):
global _RemoveDllDirectory

for p in set(new_path.split(';')) - set(old_path.split(';')):
if p is not None and p not in _import_path:
if p is not None and p not in _import_path and os.path.isdir(p):
_import_paths[p] = _AddDllDirectory(p)

for p in set(old_path.split(';')) - set(new_path.split(';')):

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