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Release of 3.16.6

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jef-n committed Apr 16, 2021
1 parent 4b777c7 commit bfd36fddc93bdf3f5205fde4f31059b768f88637
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@@ -17,7 +17,7 @@ set(CMAKE_LINK_DEPENDS_NO_SHARED ON)
# Project and version
set(RELEASE_NAME "Hannover")
341 ChangeLog
@@ -1,3 +1,344 @@
Jürgen E. Fischer <> 2021-04-16

translation update for 3.16.6 from transifex

github-actions[bot] <41898282+github-actions[bot]> 2021-04-15

fix wrong identification of python 3.10 as python 3.1 (#42799) (#42807)

Co-authored-by: Basil Eric Rabi <>

Jürgen E. Fischer <> 2021-04-13

debian packaging: fix hirsute python library detection

Merge: f080813c17 3a295c7484
Alessandro Pasotti <> 2021-04-12

Merge pull request #42775 from qgis/backport-42748-to-release-3_16

[Backport release-3_16] Update user groups data

Alessandro Pasotti <> 2021-04-10

Merge pull request #42748 from gacarrillor/add_4_new_user_groups

Update user groups data

Jürgen E. Fischer <> 2021-04-04

debian packaging: add hirsute, drop eoan

Jürgen E. Fischer <> 2021-04-12

scripts/ drop qt5-default, add pandoc, run

(backport commit 17084b8cf50a231642ec197b6b2a077520a476f2)

Merge: 025643c18f c064ee8fb7
Alessandro Pasotti <> 2021-04-10

Merge pull request #42739 from qgis/backport-42736-to-release-3_16

[Backport release-3_16] Update server landing page sources

Alessandro Pasotti <> 2021-04-09

Merge pull request #42736 from pathmapper/favicon

Update server landing page sources

Merge: 0dd9b67685 b12dfd4d90
Alessandro Pasotti <> 2021-04-09

Merge pull request #42735 from pathmapper/bp-3_16-minified

[Backport release-3_16] Server landing page - update minified version

pathmapper <> 2021-04-08

Update minified version (follow-up on #42697)

Merge: c1b003623b 97faffe62e
Alessandro Pasotti <> 2021-04-08

Merge pull request #42722 from pathmapper/backport-42697-to-release-3_16

[Backport release-3_16] Use recommended osm tile url for server API - Features and landingpage

pathmapper <> 2021-04-08

Use recommended osm tile url for server API - Features and landingpage (#42697)

* Use recommended osm tile url

Jürgen E. Fischer <> 2021-04-07

make wms server field configuration translatable

(cherry picked from commit e6e78f07de96c691c478f5ae1c7979be8be15db8)

Tomas Straupis <> 2021-04-04

Natural Breaks (Jenks) classification causes crash (#42618)

Denis Rouzaud <> 2021-04-02

remove cpp check on 16.04 (#42616)

Richard Duivenvoorde <> 2021-03-31

Disable the prefetching of images from OWS services

and a followup of

Never prefetch tiled OWS layers

Know More <> 2021-03-30

[processing] Fix encoding for raster analysis algorithm outputs

Jürgen E. Fischer <> 2021-03-27

osgeo4w: fix nightlies with nightlies of proj and gdal

Jürgen E. Fischer <> 2021-03-26

fix submission in nightlies

(cherry picked from commit bc1f5d23d66b1e3de00225c3b4bb380299010f8f)

Jürgen E. Fischer <> 2021-03-23

spelling fixes

(cherry picked from commit 2d1aa68f0d044f2aced7ebeca8d2fa6b754ac970)

Jürgen E. Fischer <> 2021-03-23

fix and update

(cherry picked from commit e45b81989721ace64ad04dd137a62ada07d3c5b2)

Andrea Giudiceandrea <> 2021-03-21

Fix Help button for "Raster Layer Save as..." dlg


Andrea Giudiceandrea <> 2021-03-21

Fix Help button for "Vector Layer Save as..." dlg


Andrea Giudiceandrea <> 2021-03-15

[processing][gdal] Fix parsing of creation options for Roughness alg

(cherry picked from commit e11b7f0230656ee2ba990f34ae19ed2fe68a8a48)

Nyall Dawson <> 2021-03-12

[processing] Fix use of "Save log to file" algorithm in models
run from the qgis_process standalone tool

(cherry picked from commit 6daeebcd09f5c09569ebda299eb3d592e9a523d4)

Julien Cabieces <> 2021-03-08

Update widget state when scale locked state is changed from API

Nyall Dawson <> 2021-03-09

Fix untranslated message when downloading wms legend graphics, also
improve message when total size is unknown (-1)

(cherry picked from commit f9a6e33435fd72ba706f2a10ab3fbd8cc5a50914)

Mathieu Pellerin <> 2021-03-09

[processing] Fix atlas export relying on predefined scale for atlas-controlled map items (#42081)

* [processing] Fix atlas export relying on predefined scale for atlas-controlled map items

* De-duplicate code, add a QgsLayoutUtils::predefinedScale function

(cherry picked from commit 22d082661547abe008c229798f683263bc6323cc)

Matthias Kuhn <> 2021-03-05

[layout] Add legend item scope to render context

This enables us to render symbols differently in different legends

(cherry picked from commit c213c49151ec81989e12f5956dd36c1ec91bee0d)

Mathieu Pellerin <> 2021-03-03

[delimitedtext] Fix regression opening files with unicode characters
(fixes #41948)

(cherry picked from commit 7278ec85b1fd2677699dc25c02bac10e2cf0bc6b)

Nyall Dawson <> 2021-02-25

Fix QgsAttributes equality operator when comparing attributes where
one set contains a string value of a date, and the other a QDateTime
value of the same date

For some bizarre reason the QVariant == test returns true when
comparing a QDateTime variant to a QString variant where the
string matches the default string format representation of that

(cherry picked from commit cedb64f6e87d79b1d7acb221f2fab1aeff8403ff)

Nyall Dawson <> 2021-02-11

QGIS expressions are not sensitive to the case of field names, so
mimic this same insensitivity when compiling expressions for providers

Avoids the expression compilation failing whenever a referenced
field in an expression does not exactly match the layer's field
name case.

(cherry picked from commit 52528c5dcd984097ee4f960268134588394a57e5)

Nyall Dawson <> 2021-02-25

[memory] Correctly store converted field values when adding or
changing attributes

If testing for value compatiblity via QgsField::convertCompatibility
only resulted in true because an automatic type conversion happened
then we need to store the auto converted value, not the original.

(cherry picked from commit d5eb6b0ec2c17b7455a7a03358bd2bf852d1a3a1)
(cherry picked from commit 0a8f040d7ecd35bd2f850c7d179291c48be1a232)

Nyall Dawson <> 2021-03-03

Fix crash on exit when remember last used attribute values is checked

(cherry picked from commit f4e5fdb4fa8967bb831f49090a550e5616c089aa)

Nyall Dawson <> 2021-03-03

Don't silently swallow exceptions in python context managers

Notably this causes processing modules to silently fail to load
without any warnings if the required dependancies (such as pyscopg2)
are not installed

(cherry picked from commit 1040fe8705172b0add7ff8f54862088abaad9a2c)

Benjamin Jakimow <> 2021-02-25

QgsPluginInstaller can now read zipfiles where 1st internal file is located in plugin subfolder

(cherry picked from commit 048af492b1d3f01e45f4d2955b674dd67100c8c2)

Nyall Dawson <> 2021-02-23

[layouts] Fix map item loses preset them choice if item is selected
when a map theme is renamed or changed

(cherry picked from commit 34f4d1f97fdc7fa8943c507518551b37d595072d)

Nyall Dawson <> 2021-02-17

Remove confusing crs prompt which can show when loading a raster file into the georeferencer window

(cherry picked from commit ad052b5b7b2cbd5d25081f54eecadd29d30852f9)
(cherry picked from commit 76620ff83d5aae7ff10b0af55158d2cf2d342307)

Nyall Dawson <> 2021-02-17

[georeferencer] NEVER load raster file being referenced into the
current project

This was likely a decades old hack in order to get the layer to
show in the georeferencer canvas, but it's not needed now
and definitely not wanted.

Loading into the project as a hidden layer just complicates things,
and runs into all sorts of issues such as users saving a project
while a georeference is in project leaves around hidden ghost
layers in the project...

(cherry picked from commit ede3ca2305784fe872bf909c0e90a7eed7294a38)
(cherry picked from commit ea4bc09867b5dfde7d3cf6285dfeeb46c0ef4638)

Alessandro Pasotti <> 2021-02-03

Replace colon in typenames

Fixes #41292 QGISserver WFS returns invalid GML in case of cascading WFS

(cherry picked from commit 65b272d1dcc6ffdcf8add04d4d0d11228b231229)

Nyall Dawson <> 2021-02-19

[layouts] Correctly set data defined html url or attribute table
source property on the parent multiframe object, not the child frame

Fixes #41590
Fixes #36647

(cherry picked from commit 8324317e228c66e32fc3446c371a23fbdba98701)

Marco Hugentobler <> 2021-02-19

Ignore getLegendGraphic URL if GetMap url is ignored (#41596)

(cherry picked from commit 7031fed0164453dba4dba815c9cff6446f75f3ac)

Alessandro Pasotti <> 2021-02-17

QgsProjectLayerGroupDialog: accept an existing project

in an overloaded constructor.

Fixes #40552

(cherry picked from commit e9be3a82b05a949e31f50b4ab33e46d1041d2752)

Alessandro Pasotti <> 2021-02-19

Set gathered statistics to none when there are no statistics

Fixes #41662

(cherry picked from commit caa19170ba3e14b8a2db4cef7a24a3a0e247d096)

Alessandro Pasotti <> 2021-02-18

Set min/max from data type when GDAL stats fail

Fixes #41662

(cherry picked from commit 30b216602440a511001663011ed7d8b4f7a7c645)

Alessandro Pasotti <> 2021-03-03

Merge pull request #42000 from elpaso/bugfix-server-accesscontrol-gfi-reset

Server accesscontrol getfeatureifo rules clear

Jürgen E. Fischer <> 2021-03-19

Release of 3.16.5

Jürgen E. Fischer <> 2021-03-19

translation update for 3.16.5 from transifex
@@ -1,8 +1,14 @@
qgis (3.16.5) UNRELEASED; urgency=medium
qgis (3.16.6) UNRELEASED; urgency=medium

* Release of 3.16.6

-- Jürgen E. Fischer <> Fri, 16 Apr 2021 14:10:08 +0200

qgis (3.16.5) unstable; urgency=medium

* Release of 3.16.5

-- Jürgen E. Fischer <> Fri, 19 Mar 2021 13:07:32 +0100
-- Jürgen E. Fischer <> Fri, 16 Apr 2021 14:10:08 +0200

qgis (3.16.4) unstable; urgency=medium

@@ -18,6 +18,7 @@

<release version="3.16.6" date="2021-04-16" />
<release version="3.16.5" date="2021-03-19" />
<release version="3.16.4" date="2021-02-19" />
<release version="3.16.3" date="2021-01-15" />

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