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lbartoletti committed Apr 30, 2021
1 parent 7c3d4d0 commit d8e91acedf89b62601ac3f4d1e06b93a96d17f9d
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  1. +2 −0 python/core/auto_generated/
  2. +6 −0 python/gui/auto_generated/
@@ -114,6 +114,8 @@ The development version

static const double DEFAULT_Z_COORDINATE;

static const double DEFAULT_M_COORDINATE;

static const double UI_SCALE_FACTOR;

static const double DEFAULT_SNAP_TOLERANCE;
@@ -27,6 +27,12 @@ Base class for map tools that edit vector geometry
Returns default Z value
Use for set Z coordinate to new vertex for 2.5d geometries

double defaultMValue() const;
Returns default M value
Use for set M coordinate to new vertex for 2.5d geometries


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