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[FEATURE] New custom QGIS color picker dialog. Basically
it's a Frankenstein's monster of the best bits of lots of other color
picker implementations. Features include:
- Sliders for hue, saturation, value, red, green, blue color components
- Alpha slider
- Option to copy/paste html color codes (in a variety of formats)
- Before/after color preview, with alpha preview
- Interactive 2D color ramp widget
- Hue wheel/triangle widget
- Editable color swatch lists
- Live color sampler with option to sample over a set radius
- Supports interaction with other apps via drag and drop of colors (OS support
- Option to disable the dialog and use the native picker dialog instead (TODO:
make the dialog so awesome that even @dakcarto switches across...)

Credit for icons goes to 3nids!
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nyalldawson committed Sep 16, 2014
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