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This repository contains the code in paper "Translucent Image Recoloring through Homography Estimation".

The core idea is to apply the Homography Estimation to estimate the transformation between the dominant colors and the target colors.

The example directory shows several recoloring results.

refine_code/ is the main file.

$ conda create -n recolor python=3.5
$ conda  activate recolor
$ pip install -r requirements.txt
$ cd xx/refine_code
$ python

Then, File->Open : first open one image that you wish to recolor. Image-> Fine Dom Colors : find the dominant colors of the image. Image->Change Color by Hue: Specify the target colors. The Image view will be automatically updated.

Notice: we are still working on organizing the full code. We will update the codes in this repository soon. We are also working on a CNN-based method to achieve color transfer.

Example results.

Alt text

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