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Automatic topology repair and editing of 3D models.

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TopoMender is the research project I developed at Tsinghua University a long time ago. The technique is based on the following papers:

Topology Repair of Solid Models Using Skeletons
Qian-Yi Zhou, Tao Ju and Shi-Min Hu

Editing The Topology of 3D Models by Sketching
Tao Ju, Qian-Yi Zhou and Shi-Min Hu

Visit the project page for more details.


The project is ancient. I am not intending to provide support. You are at your own risk.

Executables and testing data can be found on my homepage. The executables run on Windows platform. If you work on Linux or OS X, Wine may help you. You will need to setup PolyMender from Prof. Tao Ju as it is a prerequisite of TopoMender.

This repository includes source code of the two projects.

  • TopoMender is the code for topology repair (the first paper). The input includes a volume data file scan-converted by PolyMender, and two parameters indicating the size of the thinnest handle and the smallest hole allowed. The output is a PLY mesh file.

  • TopoMender_MendIT is the TopoMender version of the MendIT project (the second paper, without GUI). The input includes a volume data file provided by PolyMender, and a .axs skeleton file (the format is straightforward, you can read Skeleton.cpp to see how it is parsed). The output is a PLY mesh file. The output model is guaranteed to have the same topology as the given skeleton.


The two projects should be both compilable with Visual Studio. I developed them with Visual Studio 2005. A modern Visual Studio should be able to convert the project into a modern format and compile it.

There might be some OpenGL or GUI related code that causes compilation problems. However, TopoMender is a pure console program. The GUI part is introduced for visualization and debugging purpose only. If it causes problem, just remove it.


The source code is released under the MIT license. You can do anything with the code with proper attribution. I developed these projects in hope they will be useful. Please let me ( know if you are doing anything interesting with it.

See LICENSE file for details.

Help Wanted

The code is in good shape, and I believe it is still useful somewhere. However, I do not have the bandwidth to maintain this project. If you are willing to contribute, contact me, or submit issues and pull requests.

The current most immediate enhancement is to migrate TopoMender into a CMake build system and make it cross-platform. Please contact me if you can provide help for this.


Automatic topology repair and editing of 3D models.




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