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This site is generated by Jekyll + Hyde + PostTagging .

A list of easy steps to set up a project blog web using Hyde + GitPage

  1. set up ruby: please follow the step from steps for mac version
  2. install jekyll
~ $ gem install jekyll
  1. download/fork Hyde to your Git, and change to your favorite web name
  2. clone it to your local folder : web-name
  3. now
~ $ cd web-name
  1. now add a file with the name "Gemfile" with the following code inside
source 'https://rubygems.org'
gem 'github-pages', group: :jekyll_plugins
  1. now deploy it locally
~/web-name $ bundle install
~/web-name $ bundle exec jekyll serve
  1. Now use your favorite browser to open http://localhost:4000
  2. now customize the file '_config.yml'. See more tips from this blog:
  • remove 'relative_permalinks: true'
  • change the tile: / description: / markdown: to kramdown / highlighter: to rough;
  • revise the number of 'paginate:' to control how many posts to show under 'Home' page
  • revise 'url:' to the GitPage URL of the Git User, like 'https://user.github.io'
  1. If this blog will be deployed as the user gitPage, change 'baseurl:' in '_config.yml' to '/', then go to step 12.
  2. If this blog will be deployed as the gitPage for gitUser/web-name,
  • change 'baseurl:' in '_config.yml' to '/web-name/'
  • revise 'sidebar.html' under '_includes, line 24, to
            <a class="sidebar-nav-item{% if page.url == node.url %} active{% endif %}" href="{{ site.baseurl }}{{ node.url }}">{{ node.title }}</a>
  • revise 'index.html', line 11, to
      <a href="{{ site.baseurl }}{{ post.url }}">
  • revise 'post.html' under '_layouts, line 17, to
          <a href="{{ site.baseurl }}{{ post.url }}">
  1. add more sidebar items, e.g., "contact" by adding a md file directly, e.g.web-name/contact.md. Add the following two lines into the front matter of web-name/contact.md : 'layout: page' and 'title: contact'
  2. add year-month-date-name.md under '_posts' folder
  3. check locally by
~/web-name $ bundle exec jekyll serve
  1. push into your git-site, using the site's -> "setting" -> section "GitHub Pages" to setup and publish the web as GitPage

  2. add post tagging using codes from [here](PostTagging

  3. add more interesting liquid programming using Tips