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Documentation for QuantumOptics.jl
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QuantumOptics.jl documentation

This is the source repository for the documentation. You can find an already built version of the documentation at The documentation is built using markdown files and Documenter.jl and includes resources from QuantumOptics.jl and QuantumOptics.jl-examples:

  • Functions exported from QuantumOptics.jl are included in
  • Examples from QuantumOptics.jl-examples are included in src/examples

Directory layout

When building the documentation the only requirement is that the documentation and the website are in the same directory:

|--> ./QuantumOptics.jl-documentation/
|--> ./QuantumOptics.jl-website/

Software requirements

  • Documenter.jl (Can be installed with julia> Pkg.add("Documenter"))

Build process

  • Make sure the correct version of QuantumOptics.jl is in the Julia searchpath.
  • Build QuantumOptics.jl-examples. Output will automatically be copied into src/examples.
  • Run julia make.jl. This will first generate the documentation as html files in the build directory. Then it will extract the html body of each site and add a jekyll frontmatter, which specifies the template that will be used by jekyll when building the documentation pages. The result of this process is stored in the the postbuild directory. Finally these files are also copied into ../QuantumOptics.jl-website/documentation.
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