@cajus cajus released this Jan 12, 2017 · 37 commits to branch_5_0_x since this release

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This is a patch release, which includes some important fixes over the previous release, particularly for improved Browser support. It is fully backwards-compatible to qooxdoo 5.0. Nothing needs to be changed in the JavaScript code of your existing apps if they are based on the previous version.


Google Chrome

  • Fixed an issue with non reacting menubar buttons starting with Chrome 55 (#9182)

Microsoft Edge

  • Fixed focus event normalization handling (#9174)


  • Fixed gecko engine detection for Firefox 47beta+ (#8984)
  • Removed padding-box which is not supported anymore in gecko (#9189)


  • Added EL Capitan "10.11" and Sierra "10.12" to the OS detection (#9185)
  • Fixed testrunner on MacOS Safari (#9028)
  • Fixed SVGElement bound rect handling (#195)
  • Restrict the rule to the top mobile app element and its children (#202)



@wittemann wittemann released this Sep 15, 2015 · 65 commits to branch_5_0_x since this release

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This is a patch release, which includes some important fixes over the previous release, particularly for improved Microsoft Edge support. It is fully backwards-compatible to qooxdoo 5.0. Nothing needs to be changed in the JavaScript code of your existing apps if they are based on the previous version.


Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge: Demobrowser fails (9179)
Microsoft Edge: native scrollbar does not scroll when clicking on the scrollbar buttons (9175)


Document MProperty.set return inconsistent value (9199)
Data binding docs outdated (9171)
Exception generated on closing a file picker (9191)
Loading SVGs is partly broken on IE (9149)


Command is executed every second time if connected button is shortly disabled (9183)
Spinner does not format its value when an invalid number is entered twice (9056)
qx.ui.table.pane.Model wrong removeListener callback provided (9170)


Update npm package.json files (9173)
'off' does not work correctly when removing multiple listeners of same type (9184)
IE9: Success and error handler is called on HTTP status code 204 (9205)



@ecker ecker released this Sep 28, 2015 · 1111 commits to master since this release

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Also checkout the release announcement in the news.qooxdoo.org.


API viewer on devel stage points to 4.1 instead of master (8541)


Restructure the website api viewer (7922)
Adapt configuration due change of '$attachAll' (9144)
Accordion demo not working (8823)
Website API viewer fails to build (9143)
Filter result count doesn't include factory methods (8862)


Move FCE to the contrib infrastructure (9058)


Move inspector to the contrib infrastructure (7919)


mobile showcase - toolbar: Keyboard doesn't close when search dialog closes (9150)


Adding of empty contacts is possible (8790)


Responsive Tabs/Accordion demo is broken (9152)


Add support for Microsoft Edge (9115)
Support for fullscreen API (8558)
Remove deprecations in 5.0 (8756)
documentation of qx.data.Array and so on is outdated (9045)
qx.ui.core.Command#toString fails if disposed (8465)
qx.util.ColorUtil.__rgbaStringToRgb strange behavior (8228)
Wrong NaN check when formatting String from Number. (8390)
Delete contrib skeleton (8806)


Allow binding of non existing properties (9043)
model property of last item of list controller won't be updated after a splice (8964)


Forward return value of deferred function of resumeHandler through all internal wrapper (8774)


The value of TAP_MAX_DISTANCE["mouse"] is way too large, causing selection-related problems in qx.ui.table.Table (8885)
'tap' is also fired at right-click (8873)
Firefox changes button event (9153)
Click events are broken in IE 8 (8981)
Swiping to the outside of the display of a Surface tablet throws an exception (8687)
Remove "blur" event on destruct of DragDrop handler (9044)
Some elements do not get their $$widget reset on Widget dispose() (8700)
IE 10 does not bubble to desktop event root if target element is a website widget (8921)
Listener for pointer events added by qxWeb(document).on() would not be called in desktop context. (8853)
JS Exception on dragging the mouse outside the document body (9014)
Framework detects the wrong animationEnd event for Android 4.2.2 (8943)
double clicking on unselected (editable) table cell (8840)


Allow Blob objects as requestData of qx.io.request.AbstractRequest (8969)
Enhance the REST layer to be able to determine when a request is sent (9029)
Sinon Fakeserver: Fatal check when sending (multiple) fake requests (8315)
qx.bom.rest.Resource#abort() produces recursion (8916)
qx.io.ImageLoader breaks when env "qx.globalErrorHandling" is false (8387)


Support direct loading of sized SVG images (8824)
Support high-resolution images (8856)
Add FormData support to qx.io.request.Xhr (8480)
Events for qx.ui.window.MDesktop (8128)
Email validator should accepts '+' character (9135)
Disabled widgets receive Command "execute" (8854)
FSM does not handle constant TERMINATE (8952)
High resolution image tests fail in IE 11 (8968)


Combobox list collapses when clicking on slider parts (8963)


Minor JavaScript errors in qx.ui.tabview.TabView (9047)
In-control drag&drop (reorder) is too limited (7218)
Introduction of attribute "qxanonymous" causes events to get lost (8871)


The qx.ui.form.validation.Manager.reset() method does not hide tooltip (8935)
Allow for an "external" synchronous form validation (8990)
TextArea placeholder is not initially visible (8870)
Javascript error in qx.ui.form.renderer.Single (8553)
setNumberFormat(null) does not work on qx.ui.form.Spinner (8917)
Spinner fail to parse with NumberFormat postfix (8776)
Spinner does not format its value when an invalid number is entered twice (9056)


References to disposed objects in class qx.html.Element (8562)


Support custom group height in virtual lists (7522)


show tooltip on disabled widgets (7792)


Table Horizontal ScrollBar Error on Firefox 35.0 with Qx 4.1 (8875)
Right click on a qx.ui.table.Table row (show context menu) does not select the row anymore in master (8920)
Bugfix in simple table model (8934)
Can't scroll table via mouse wheel if document body is scrollable (9016)
Double click a table cell behaviour changed (8865)


Make qx.util.Serializer documentation more exact (9034)
Move inline samples (8785)
Missing/misleading documentation for qx.event.handler.GestureCore.TAP_MAX_DISTANCE constant (8894)


mobile showcase dialog demo does not show up (8878)


The qx.event.handler.GestureCore.TAP_MAX_DISTANCE dictionary is treated as a number in qx.ui.mobile.core.EventHandler.__onPointerMove() (8895)


animationEnd does not get fired in IE (8965)


Mobile Slider should allow decimal value as stepSize (9003)
mobile checkboxes and radio buttons get squeezed together (8939)


Update version number to 5.0 (9142)
clean up branches (8962)
Sort release notes by severity (8820)


makefile should break on Grunt errors (8813)
Building the SDK fails in 4.1.x branch (9140)
makefile should execute setup.js (8812)


build apps fails on the publish server (8881)


Use grunt as a frontend to the generator (9057)
setup.js breaks on testing server (8967)
Improve setup process (9114)
source/build tasks don't work if framework class matches app namespace (8822)


Migration with Grunt: No possibility to enter the version number (8159)


Replace Selenium with WebDriver (6677)


Calendar widget should not modify date objects (9037)
qxWeb#indexOf should support second parameter "fromIndex" (8884)
Merge 1w branch (9141)
New created collection ignores context when the contect collection is empty (9032)
Fix unit tests (9138)
test.FunctionUtil tests fail sporadically (8805)
test failed: test.ui.Widget: testWrappen (9147)


Animation stops on iOS 8 after tab switch (8986)
qx.bom.element.AnimationCss.__onAnimationStart breaks (8972)


Possibility to listen for syntetic events fired by other libraries (8836)
Set attribute values for string attributes doesn't work as expected (9055)
qx.bom.client.OprationSystem.getVersion() returns "10.1" for Mac OSX 10.10 Yosemite (8976)
Float style tests fail in IE 8 (8978)
Environment checks "os.name" and "os.version" fail for Windows Phone 8.1 (8948)
Xhr tests failing sporadically in IE 9 (8426)
qx.test.bom.Label:testSanitizer fails in IE 8 (8977)
qx.test.bom.Event:testSafariMobile fails in IE 8 (8979)
qx.bom.element.Class.add() throws unhandled exception when passing empty String (8949)


Unable to listen for mutation events (8083)


Static methods of the 'traversing' module are not completely consistent (8857)
Add additional methods to attach methods to q (9132)
Add a event for REST requests when the request started (9131)
"placeTo" should support placement even if the element is hidden (7824)
'setData' and 'removeData' should work consistently (8835)


Update the Rating implementation to support only one DOM element (9125)
Calender should support easy styling of past days (8860)
Update the Table implementation to support only one DOM element (9127)
Calendar: option to disable the days of previous / next month (8868)
Add wrapper for multiple widgets (9130)
Port next's Carousel widget to qooxdoo (9118)
Update the Button implementation to support only one DOM element (9122)
Update the DatePicker implementation to support only one DOM element (9124)
Datepicker should support configuration of flyout position (8859)
Update the Slider implementation to support only one DOM element (9126)
Add sample for website table (9049)
Suppress display of days of previous / next month as config option (8866)
Update the Tabs implementation to support only one DOM element (9128)
One element per widget (9120)
Update the Calendar implementation to support only one DOM element (9123)
Resolve conflict between calendar.setEnabled and the "selectableWeekDays" config (9154)
Slider test fails (8985)


There is no need to run the migration script. The changes with respect to the previous major release are to be addressed manually (only if creating custom website widgets).

Known issues

The migration script for older releases only migrates to qooxdoo 4.1.1, not qooxdoo 5.0. This isn't a real issue, though, as there is no automatic migration support feasible between 4.1.1 and 5.0 (see Migration info above).