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Gitignore Template Generator. | 日本語記事
Git-ignore helps you to generate .gitignore file based on templates.
You can install it with ease, and customize with your own templates.

Try it now, and leave me a start if you like it. ☆ ヽ(^ω^ #)


$ pip install git-ignore


Example: Django project that uses Python and Sass.

$ git-ignore python sass

This will create a .gitignore file that comes from both Python and Sass gitignore templates.

Note that you can add multiple templates at once. Also, it is not case sensitive.

Example: When you want to just add a few lines.

$ git-ignore --add !.keep !.gitkeep

This will add two lines on the bottom of your .gitignore file.

Example: Use custom templates.

$ mkdir ~/.gitignore_templates
$ echo '.DS_Store' > ~/.gitignore_templates/macOS.gitignore
$ git-ignore macOS

Running this, the command will look up at ~/.gitignore_templates/, and try to use ~/.gitignore_templates/macOS.gitignore.

And more...

Find the full list of options by running

$ git-ignore --help

How it works

This tool uses templates from GitHub's .gitignore Templates Collection.

Thus it supports:

Perl6, Sass, Scala, Joomla, CakePHP, Go, Yeoman, ZendFramework, KiCad, Textpattern, ExpressionEngine, Typo3, Packer, Elisp, EPiServer, Gcov, Haskell, GWT, LabVIEW, C++, Objective-C, Composer, SketchUp, Eagle, Android, Symfony, ExtJs, Erlang, Finale, Sdcc, Scrivener, Qooxdoo, RhodesRhomobile, PlayFramework, Stella, SugarCRM, Delphi, TurboGears2, Waf, Leiningen, Dart, R, ChefCookbook, MetaProgrammingSystem, CFWheels, Lilypond, Processing, Kohana, Clojure, GitBook, Lithium, Magento, Node, Python, Nim, Terraform, Yii, Nanoc, Umbraco, DM, Java, Elixir, WordPress, Godot, Xojo, ArchLinuxPackages, Jekyll, Ada, D, Elm, Actionscript, Swift, Grails, Laravel, Perl, CMake, VVVV, VisualStudio, CraftCMS, Coq, Rust, Scheme, IGORPro, Drupal, Plone, AppEngine, Mercury, Jboss, Lua, PureScript, CUDA, AppceleratorTitanium, Concrete5, CodeIgniter, Fortran, Julia, ForceDotCom, OracleForms, Smalltalk, Rails, Phalcon, Prestashop, Agda, Unity, FuelPHP, LemonStand, SeamGen, SCons, SymphonyCMS, CommonLisp, Gradle, Maven, Ruby, OpenCart, Fancy, TeX, Zephir, OCaml, UnrealEngine, Autotools, C, Kotlin, Qt, ROS, Idris, Opa


  • ✔︎ Add .gitignore from templates.
  • ✔︎ Can add multiple templates at once.
  • ✔︎ Based on GitHub's templates collection.
  • ✔︎ Support "Global (operating system or editor specific) templates".
  • ✔︎ Helpful --help option.
  • ✔︎ User defined template.


Issues and PRs are welcome :)



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