Install all Google Web Fonts onto your local machine
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Installing Google Fonts:

Easily install ALL of Google's Web Fonts using the following command in your terminal.

Mac users:

curl | sh


Debian users:

curl | sh

Arch Linux Users:

curl | sh

The Debian install script should work for most Linux distros. Arch requires a special installation due to differences in the folder structure. You can compare the scripts to take a look at this.


To update the fonts, just re-run this script. It will overwrite duplicates.

You may need to restart for Font Book to pick up the new fonts.

Photoshop Users:

When using this script, it installs A LOT of ( ~1660 ) fonts. You may have to disable "Font Preview" in Photoshop.

Uninstall all Fonts: ( Mac only )

curl | sh

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