A simple script to access and download your intraday (minute-by-minute) Fitbit Data to Google Spreadsheets.
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Fitbit Intraday Script

This script will allow you to access and download your minute-by-minute Fitbit Data to a Google Spreadsheet. Full instructions for using this script are posted on QuantifiedSelf.com

Note Access to Fitbit intraday data is restricted to individuals and developers with access to the “Partner API.” In order to use the Partner API you must email the API team at Fitbit to request access and let them know what you intend to do with that data. Please note that they appear to encourage and welcome these type of requests. From their developer documentation:

Fitbit is very supportive of non-profit research and personal projects. Commercial applications require additional review and are subject to additional requirements. To request access, email api at fitbit.com.

Full instructions for using this script in conduction with Google Spreadsheets are posted on QuantifiedSelf.com

Contact Information

Questions/Comments? - labs@quantifiedself.com and @quantifiedself

Copyright & License

This code is made public under the MIT License. See LICENSE for details. Copyright (c) 2014 Quantified Self labs.