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===== Nanopi-neo debian SD Card image generator

This project contains cmake and dependent bash scripts for nanopi-neo debian boot SD-Card.

=============== Prerequisite

  1. Linux (debian9) host (x86_64).
  2. Multiarch for armhf enabled on host.
  3. QEMU arm

=========================== Dependent debian packages

sudo dpkg --add-architecture armhf sudo apt-get -y install crossbuild-essential-armhf sudo apt-get -y install bc build-essential cmake dkms git libncurses5-dev (May be some else...)

=========================== Procedure

Run './' on project root directory. Then, chdir to "../build-armhf/nanopi-neo.release/";

[1] Debootstrap debian package (only 1st time) At beginning, we need a debian debootstrap'ed rootfs on local directory by typing: 'make debian' It will generate debian rootfs under 'build-armhf/arm-linux-gnueabihf-rootfs-stretch' directory. Debootstrap require post process in qemu-arm with chroot. When you have prompt from the script, follow the message.

[2] image file generation As long as you have debian rootfs described above, then simply run 'make' will generate SDCard image file 'nanopi-neo_streatch-<version_number>-dev.img' in working directory.

The rootfs included in .img file is a copy of debootstrap rootfs with additional installed packages. See scripts/ script for details.

By default, scripts/ is installing build tools for native development. Replace this scipt to for .img without build tools.

Good luck.