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Photos Into Flickr
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pif, which could mean Photos Into Flickr

Is Flickr a hard drive in the sky for you?

Got photos everywhere and not sure which are on the web and which are languishing in digital obscurity?

Point pif at 'em; a single JPEG, or a whole directory. It don't matter! pif will chat with Flickr and line-up the stragglers.

Then, if you want to upload them, pif can do that too.

How does it work, Mr. Salesman?

Well, let me tell you!

  1. Have some photos!

    Do you have some photos?

    $ ls

    I guess you do.

  2. Run pif!

    $ pif

    Uh. I meant...

  3. Use, like, the options, man!

    $ pif --help
    Usage: pif [options] <filename ...>
      -h, --help     show this help message and exit
      -v, --verbose  increase verbosity
      -f, --force    force file(s) to be uploaded
      -m, --mark     mark file(s) as uploaded
      -n, --dry-run  do not upload file(s)

    Yes. That! That is what I meant!

    $ pif --verbose --dry-run .
    INFO:pif.ui.console: Would have uploaded croppedDSC00375.JPG
    INFO:pif.ui.console: Would have uploaded DSC00381.JPG
    INFO:pif.ui.console: Would have uploaded DSC00404.JPG
    INFO:pif.ui.console: IMG_0283.JPG already uploaded, skipping (use --force to upload)
    INFO:pif.ui.console: IMG_0486.JPG already uploaded, skipping (use --force to upload)
    INFO:pif.ui.console: Would have uploaded IMG_3405r.jpg
    INFO:pif.ui.console: Would have uploaded smaller.jpg

    See those photos already uploaded? THEY ARE ON FLICKR.

  4. But, uh, what about those bad photos...

    $ pif --verbose --mark croppedDSC00375.JPG IMG_3405r.jpg smaller.jpg
    INFO:pif.ui.console: croppedDSC00375.JPG marked as already uploaded
    INFO:pif.ui.console: IMG_3405r.jpg  marked as already uploaded
    INFO:pif.ui.console: smaller.jpg marked as already uploaded

    What about them?

    $ pif --verbose .
    INFO:pif.ui.console: Uploaded DSC00381.JPG
    INFO:pif.ui.console: Uploaded DSC00404.JPG

    All done. Believe me?

    $ pif --verbose .
    INFO:pif.ui.console:Loading updates from Flickr... (1 / 1)
    INFO:pif.ui.console:Indexing photos on Flickr... (1 / 2)
    INFO:pif.ui.console:Indexing photos on Flickr... (2 / 2)

    SNAP! That was pif, figuring out your photos were well and truly uploaded. No half-assery here!

That was really. Really. REALLY complex!


    $ pif-gtk .

Debian / Ubuntu Package Requirements:

    $ aptitude install python-gobject python-gtk2 python-imaging \
                       python-setuptools python-minimock python-nose
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