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Repository files navigation is a gateway to various resources related to the University of Waterloo, made by Waterloo students for Waterloo students.

We provide shortcut links to make your life easier. Instead of scrambling to remember that site where it shows your exam schedule and seating, simply go to The homepage is a list of these shortcuts.


Everyone is welcome to contribute! Simply send in a pull request with your useful link, and if it passes quality control, it will be merged and made available to the public.

To add a link, add find the relevant section in under src/links.yml, and under the links key, add a new item for your link. This item should be a mapping with three keys:

  • name: the shortcut link, starting with /, followed by letters, numbers, and -;
  • target: the URL to redirect to; and
  • description: the description of the link shown on the home page.

To be able to run the python scripts locally, run pip install -r requirements.txt to install our dependencies.

To verify that your changes follow the correct format, run automatic sanity checks with python3

To generate the HTML for the site, run python3 Output will be generated in a directory called dist.

Pull requests will be checked with GitHub Actions, by running and Please ensure that builds pass.

Thank you for contributing.