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An AI for the 0 AD project, based on the testBot AI.
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_init.js Initial conversion to common-api-v2, works but needs refactoring to u… Mar 30, 2012
attackMoveToCC.js Minor formatting changes and dead code removal Mar 24, 2012
attackMoveToLocation.js Cope with not having a target position properly Apr 4, 2012
config.js Replaced unit template lists with a class based system. Apr 2, 2012
data.json Sorry to be super pedantic, but I've been reading over all your code,… Oct 27, 2011
defence.js minor: Spelling correction from infyquest Dec 24, 2011
economy.js Build a market after 10 minutes Apr 18, 2012
entity-extend.js Minor formatting changes and dead code removal Mar 24, 2012
entitycollection-extend.js Removed old updating entity collection code Apr 18, 2012
gamestate.js fixed the gameState.getEntityById() function for the new api Apr 16, 2012
housing.js rewriting and renaming functions to match new api Apr 2, 2012
license_gpl-2.0.txt Added license text Oct 14, 2011
map-module.js Added check that a resource is not in enemy territory before trying t… Dec 23, 2011
military.js Fixed old class filters by renaming Super to Champion and not trainin… Apr 18, 2012
plan-building.js minor: removed some debugging code and added comments, refactored som… Dec 2, 2011
plan-training.js Enabled creating a plan to train multiple units. Sep 20, 2011
qbot.js Removed old updating entity collection code Apr 18, 2012
queue-manager.js Updated debug messages for printQueues Dec 19, 2011
queue.js minor: Tidied up code, mainly making sure var i is used in loops so i… Oct 28, 2011
readme.txt Added 0 A.D. website url to readme Dec 29, 2011
resources.js Minor formatting change Oct 2, 2011
terrain-analysis.js Added treasure collection similar to Marilyn and a performance increa… Jan 3, 2012
timer.js tidied up formatting Mar 31, 2012
walkToCC.js Changed the API for military attack modules. Oct 30, 2011
worker.js Added property existence check Apr 18, 2012


This is an AI for 0 A.D. ( based on the testBot.

Install by placing the files into the data/mods/public/simulation/ai/qbot folder.

If you are developing you might find it helpful to change the debugOn line in qBot.js.  This will make it spew random warnings depending on what I have been working on.  Use the debug() function to make your own warnings.

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