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An NTT-based Fast Lattice library


NFLlib is an efficient and open-source C++ library dedicated to ideal lattice cryptography. It is specialized in polynomial rings quotiented by a cyclotomic polynomial whose degree is a power of two. The library combines algorithmic optimizations (Chinese Remainder Theorem, optimized Number Theoretic Transform) together with programming optimization techniques (SSE and AVX2 specializations, C++ expression templates, etc.).



Install Steps

You need cmake, GMP and Mpfr, as well as a C++11 compiler to build NFLLib.

To build, test and install a production version of nfllib, run the following:

$> mkdir _build
$> cd _build
$> make
$> make test
$> make install

The following CMake options are relevant:

Option Description
-DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=<value> Where the library is installed
-DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release|Debug The basic compiler configuration
-DNFL_OPTIMIZED=ON Enable SSE/AVX-based optimization

SSE/AVX optimizations

To use SSE-based optimizations, compile the code with the flags -DNFL_OPTIMIZED=ON -DNTT_SSE.

To use AVX-based optimizations, compile the code with the flags -DNFL_OPTIMIZED=ON -DNTT_AVX2.

Getting started

In order to get the documentation you need Sphinx and the Alabaster theme. Installation procedures are described at (we recommend using pip for both installations) :

After getting both Sphinx and the Alabaster theme build the documentation and show it with:

$> sphinx-build . build
$> your_favorite_browser build/nfl.html

If you have issues building the documentation please contact the developper team.


This library is an extension/evolution of the NTTTools module from XPIR done by members of CryptoExperts, INP ENSEEIHT, Quarkslab (in alphabetical order).