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This bash script sends incremental snapshots to another drive for backing up data. Plug in and mount any btrfs-formatted device you want your system to be backed up to (like a USB drive). When you run the script you will be prompted to select a mounted btrfs device, or you can optionally select the disk using its UUID on the command line.

The script iterates through all snapper configurations by default (this can be changed using the -c flag). For each configuration it creates a new local snapshot. If you have never synced to the specified device you will be prompted to enter a directory on the device where the backup snapshots will go. Additionally you are shown the location of the backed up snapshot. If you have performed a backup to this device before, only the changes since the last backup have to be sent.


Arch Linux

Install the snap-sync package using pacman if using Arch Linux.


Install the snap-sync package from this Copr created by @brndd.


Download the latest release and signature from the releases page, verify the download, and then run make install. snapper is required.

If your system uses a non-default location for the snapper configuration file, specify it on the command line with SNAPPER_CONFIG. For example, for Arch Linux use

make SNAPPER_CONFIG=/etc/conf.d/snapper install

Starting with release 0.6, the tarballs are signed with my key with fingerprint F7B28C61944FE30DABEEB0B01070BCC98C18BD66 (public key). Previous tarballs and commits used a different key with fingerprint 8535CEF3F3C38EE69555BF67E4B5E45AA3B8C5C3.


See snap-sync(8) after installation.


After reviewing the man page, check the issues page and file a new issue if your problem is not covered.


Help wanted! Feel free to fork and issue a pull request to add features or tackle an open issue.

Related projects

See @rzerres's fork which has several enhancments.