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ThomasWaldmann commented Jan 27, 2021

the borg files cache can be rather large, because it keeps some information about all files that have been processed recently.

lz4 is a very fast compression / decompression algorithm, so we could try to use it to lower the in-memory footprint of the files cache entries.

before implementing this, we should check how big the savings typically are - to determine whether it is worthwhile doing

jspeedz commented Sep 5, 2019

What went wrong?

I'm getting deprecation warnings with openSSL encryption.

[2019/09/05 08:38:52][info] Using Encryptor::OpenSSL to encrypt the archive.
[2019/09/05 08:40:22][warn] Pipeline STDERR Messages:
[2019/09/05 08:40:22][warn] (Note: may be interleaved if multiple commands returned error messages)
[2019/09/05 08:40:22][warn]
[2019/09/05 08:40:22][warn] *** WARNING : depre

bf8392 commented Nov 29, 2020

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.
I've setted automatic-backups in a standard folder on every change. The problem is, that this feature keeps generating "endless" backups with every change. The other option (only backups on add totp) is not an option for me, as it will turn my restore-libary into a mess with outdated totp (because remove). As I sync with nextcloud

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