Habitat plan for running Consul.io in "Client" mode
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Habitat package: consul-client


This package provides packaging and configuration for running Consul in "Client" or "Agent" mode. This is designed to connect to an existing consul cluster.


Consul is one binary that can be run in either Server or Client mode based on command line parameters at start. However, when discussing Consul, you would say "Consul Client" or or "Consul Server", thus it makes sense to separate out the two plans into their own packages.


Extended usage instructions can be found here

Most basica usage is:

# on the hab server(s) (where 999.999.999.999 is repleaced with a real peer IP)
hab svc start core/consul --topology leader --group default --peer 999.999.999.999

# on the client node:
hab svc start --peer 999.999.999.999 --bind consul-server:consul.default

Refer to the default.toml for extended configuration options.

Example Usage

Generally, running all three Consul servers on one host is contraindicated. However, for development or example purposes this will work perfectly fine:

# If you haven't already export core/consul to a docker container
hab studio enter  # This is required on a Mac and probably Windows, this can be skipped in linux
hab pkg export docker core/consul

# Start your consul cluster:
##  Terminal 1
docker run -p8500:8500 -e HAB_CONSUL='{ "server": { "bind": "" }, "client": { "bind": "" }}' core/consul --topology leader

## Terminal 2 & 3+
docker run -e HAB_CONSUL='{ "server": { "bind": "" }}' core/consul --peer --topology leader

# Export the qubitrenegade/consul-client to docker container: (this can also be pulled from docker hub)
hab studio enter
hab pkg export docker qubitrenegade/consul-client

# Start your consul-client:
docker run -it qubitrenegade/consul-client --peer --bind consul-server:consul.default