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Represent Govhack 2012 project


Requires Python 2.6+ and the pypi packages from require.txt. OpenShift uses Python 2.6 so anything over that you should check your version specificity.

These notes are written from memory. Please correct inaccuracies. See trouble shooting section if you hit a snag.


  1. Install brew


  1. $ sudo apt-get install python2.6 python2.6-dev python-setuptools

OS X / Ubuntu

  1. $ sudo easy_install pip
  2. $ pip install virtualenv virtualenvwrapper
  3. Install virtualenv and virtualenvwrapper. Configure your .profile as the installation instructions for virtualenvwrapper suggest.
  4. $ mkvirtualenv represent OR mkvirtualenv -a [/path/to/project]/represent -r [/path/to/project]/represent/require.txt represent
  5. $ workon represent
  6. $ cdproject
  7. $ pip install -r require.txt You only need to do this if you haven't run the full mkvirtualenv command above

Trouble shooting

  1. Ensure that both mysql and libmysqlclient-dev are installed sudo apt-get install mysql libmysqlclient-dev OR sudo apt-get install libmysqlclient-dev if you already have MySQL installed



Currently there are no settings. It will pull House of Reps Parliament #43. You can alter to change this.

Cancelling a scrape leaves a settings.pickle file behind. This allows you to resume the scrape later. To start a new scrape delete this file.

  1. $ cd hansard-getter
  2. $ python


Currently there are no settings. It is hardwired to parse local files in the data directory. It probably doesn't do this recursively--you should check.

  1. Create a local MySQL database.
  2. $ cd hansard-parser
  3. $ cp
  4. Configure your database settings in settings.conf (currently mysql on localhost only).
  5. $ python

Sample queries

Select all speeches by the ALP

SELECT * FROM speech WHERE party = "ALP"