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This wiki explains how to use ODAT (Oracle Database Attacking Tool) during security assessments.

Explanations and examples are organized by ODAT module in this Wiki (see on the right).

The -h option can be used to get the ODAT help menu:

./odat.py -h

The all module is the first module that should be used when you meet an Oracle Database. For example, you can use this command for starting:

./odat.py all -s -p 1521

You can give the SID if you know it:

./odat.py all -s -p 1521 -d ORCL

If you know a valid account, you can give it to this module:

./odat.py all -s -p 1521 -d ORCL -U SYS -P password

See all for more details about this module.

For each module (i.e. sidguesser), you can use -v, -vv or -vvv for enabling verbosity and understanding how or what the module is doing. For example:

./odat.py all -s -vvv

Before to use a specific command of a module, the --test-module should be used first for knowing if you can use it (target is vulnerable, Oracle account has enough privileges, etc). For example:

./odat.py tnspoison -s -p 1521 -d ORCL --test-module
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