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A random evening's coding that lets you put a pony in your placeholder. Service available online at Can, of course, be repurposed to create placeholder images of any sort—ponies not required.

Source code is provided as-is, with no guarantees as to quality or support.

URL parameters

URL parameters can be written in any order and are delimited by a forward slash (/). Numerical values must be defined in order of width, height, and variant; aka, the first integer is assumed to be width, the second height, and third variant. They do not need to be grouped, so URLs like are perfectly valid.
Generate a standard image 400 pixels wide and 300 pixels tall. Both values are capped between 1 and 5000 pixels. Add a third number to use multiple images with the same dimensions. Values are capped between 0 and 9, allowing for up to 10 variants. Add /g/ anywhere in the URL to make the image grayscale. Add /regen/ anywhere in the URL to replace the existing image of this type.



  • Redesign reporting panel.
  • Add trial. Script now redirects to a generated image file instead of reading it into the current page.


  • Re-enable logging for images with a referrer of


  • Refactor basically everything.
  • Now supports generating images larger than the source image.
  • Now supports generating more that one image with the same dimensions.
  • Now supports putting URL parameters in (almost) any order.
  • Added simple (and very unfinished) logging page.


  • Fix issue caused by there being no referrer information available.
  • Simplify how img.php grabs URL parameters.


  • Add referrer tracking.


  • Initial release.