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N64 texture ripper and editor

Win10 Screenshot


  • Export or import N64 textures of the following formats:
    • RGBA16
    • RGBA32
    • IA16
    • IA8
    • IA4
    • I8
    • I4
    • CI8
    • CI4
    • 1bpp
  • Load palette from separate file
  • Split palette mode to point part of palette to non-contiguous area
  • Multiplatform. Tested under Windows 10, Windows 7, and on Linux using Mono


  • Right-click image to bring up context menu
    • Export to image file (.png, .jpg, .bmp)
    • Assign palette offset relative to current texture view
  • Left-click to change offset to clicked pixel
  • Mouse wheel to scroll up/down by four rows of image
    • Hold Ctrl modifier to scroll by entire image
    • Hold Alt modifier to scroll by one row
    • Hold Shift modifier to scroll by one pixel
  • Click "Open..." [Ctrl-O] or drag and drop to open a binary file
  • Click "Insert..." [Ctrl-I] to import image at current offset (does not overwrite file)
  • Click "Save" [Ctrl-S] to overwrite opened file
  • Enable "Split Palette" to point end of palette to different offset
  • Enable "External Palette" to use different file for CI palette


0.2: UI Updates and bug fixes

  • Save settings for Form position, scale, BG color, custom viewer
  • Only show palette controls if CI is selected
  • Allow inserting images beyond the current file size
  • Correct behavior of drag-and-dropped files
  • Split file size text into its own status box
  • Correct 1bpp bit order to be MSbit first
  • Add alpha channel mode for I8 and I4 codecs

0.1.1: Bug fixes

0.1: Initial release

  • Improve IA4 color scaling
  • Add checkbox for external palette and write to palette file when saving
  • Add save confirmation dialog during close/open
  • Add keyboard shortcuts for toolbar buttons
  • Add Copy to Clipboard context menu option and Ctrl-V paste shortcut
  • Change mouse click and mouse wheel functionality

0.0.3: Beta test 3 release

  • Add right-click context menu for exporting and setting palette offset
  • Show hovered pixel color information
  • Add Shift modifier for mouse wheel scrolling

0.0.2: Beta test 2 release

  • Improve responsiveness of click events
  • Add mouse wheel support for scrolling up/down rows
  • Allow input binary to be passed on command line
  • Add Scale option in toolbar

0.0.1: Beta test release

  • Supports RGBA16, RGBA32, IA16, IA8, IA4, I8, I4, CI8, CI4, 1bpp
  • Right-click export, insert to import
  • Ctrl/Shift modifiers to advance/reverse offset


N64 Texture Ripper and Editor








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