Simple Arduino driver for the HX711 ADC
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Queuetue HX711 Arduino Library

Copyright (c) 2015 Scott Russell (, released under the MIT license.
See the LICENSE file for licensing details.

A simple Arduino driver for the HX711 ADC.

The HX711 is a low-cost strain gauge amplifier produced by Avia Semiconductor. Breakout boards are available for it by many producers, including the Sparkfun 13230.

The HX711 communicates with a non-i2c compliant two wire protocol and provides an all-in-one solution to load cell amplification with relatively low noise.

This library provides the code required to use an Arduino, the HX711 module and a strain gauge load cell to build a scale, force gauge or many other pressure or force sensitive projects.

The library has a single class, Q2HX711 with two functions.


The Q2HX711 class takes two parameters on construction, the pin to use for data (output) and the pin to use to signal readiness (clock).


Function Description
read Returns a long integer that is the current value of the HX711
readyToSend Returns a boolean indicating if the HX711 is prepared to send data.


Here is a simple example of using the HX711 on pins A2 and A3 to read a strain gauge and print it's current value:

#include <Q2HX711.h>
Q2HX711 hx711(A2, A3);
void setup() {

void loop() {