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Metadata for projects tracked by Quicklisp.
Sorry, we had to truncate this directory to 1,000 files. 274 entries were omitted from the list.
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1am Added 1am per issue #798
3b-swf Remove some misleading files
3bmd More new & updated projects.
able Sync up
access Sync up
advanced-readtable Sync with recent changes
adw-charting Remove some misleading files
alexandria Remove some misleading files
algebraic-data-library Add algebraic-data-library per issue #455.
amazon-ecs Sync up with recent changes.
anaphora Remove some misleading files
anaphoric-variants Update HexstreamSoft tarball locations (to Amazon S3). Closes #663.
antik A pile of updates.
apply-argv Add apply-argv per issue #458.
arc-compat Added arc-compat per issue #813
architecture.hooks Use architecture.hooks instead of cl-hooks.
architecture.service-provider Add architecture.service-provider per #625.
archive Remove some misleading files
arnesi+ Sync with recent activity.
arnesi Remove some misleading files
aromyxo Removed lnostdal's libraries; he is no longer interested in bug repor…
array-operations A big batch of updates.
array-utils Added array-utils per issue #814
asdf-contrib Sync with recent activity.
asdf-dependency-grovel Sync with upstream.
asdf-driver Remove asdf-driver and add its replacement, uiop.
asdf-encodings Sync with recent activity.
asdf-finalizers Sync with recent activity.
asdf-flv Add asdf-flv for asdf-contrib
asdf-install Delete asdf-install.
asdf-linguist Add asdf-linguist per #655.
asdf-package-system Add asdf-package-system per #575.
asdf-project-helper Sync with 2012-10-13 release.
asdf-system-connections Remove some misleading files
asdf-utils Sync with recent activity.
asn.1 Remove some misleading files
asteroids Added asteroids per #749
atdoc Lots of project updates.
autoproject Sync up
avatar-api Added avatar-api per #746
aws-sign4 Add aws-sign4 per #695.
ayah-captcha Add ayah-captcha per #579.
babel Remove some misleading files
backports Sync with recent activity.
basic-binary-ipc Add basic-binary-ipc per #617.
beirc Add beirc.
big-string Add new projects included in the June 15, 2013 update.
binary-types Remove some misleading files
binascii Sync up
binge Update wcp-ware to http-bz2 sources.
binomial-heap A bunch of updates.
bit-smasher Updates for July 2014 release.
bitfield-schema Sync up
bk-tree A bunch of updates.
bknr-datastore More new & updated projects.
bknr-web A pile of updates.
black-tie Remove some misleading files
blackbird Added blackbird per issue #803
blackthorn-engine-3d Remove some misleading files
blackthorn-engine A pile of updates.
bordeaux-fft Remove some misleading files
bordeaux-threads Remove some misleading files
bourbaki Lots of project updates.
brlapi A pile of updates.
bt-semaphore Update sources for bt-semaphore and trivial-tco. Fixes #554.
btrie Sync up with latest release
bubble-operator-upwards Update HexstreamSoft tarball locations (to Amazon S3). Closes #663.
buffalo Added buffalo per issue #854
buildapp Remove some misleading files
buildnode Sync up
burgled-batteries.syntax Added burgled-batteries.syntax per issue #857
burgled-batteries Added burgled-batteries per issue #857
calispel Remove some misleading files
cambl Sync up with latest release
caramel Add caramel per issue #476.
cartesian-product-switch Update HexstreamSoft tarball locations (to Amazon S3). Closes #663.
caveman More projects.
cells-gtk3 Lots of project updates.
cells Remove some misleading files
cffi-objects Get cffi-objects from github, not clnet.
cffi Remove some misleading files
ch-image Remove some misleading files
ch-util Sync up
changed-stream Sync with recent changes
chanl Update zkat sources
cheat-js Sync with 2012-10-13 release.
checkl Sync with recent activity.
chemical-compounds Sync up
chillax Update zkat sources
chipz Remove some misleading files
chirp Add chirp per #647.
chrome-native-messaging Added chrome-native-messaging per issue #839
chronicity Sync up with recent changes.
chtml-matcher Sync up
chunga Remove some misleading files
circular-streams Sync up
city-hash Sync up
cl+ssl Remove some misleading files
cl-2d Sync with recent activity.
cl-6502 Sync with recent activity.
cl-abnf Add cl-abnf per #568.
cl-abstract-classes Sync with recent changes
cl-acronyms Added cl-acronyms per issue #801
cl-adt Sync up with September release.
cl-algebraic-data-type Sync up with the latest release
cl-ana Add cl-ana per #635.
cl-annot A bunch of updates.
cl-anonfun Sync up
cl-ansi-term Added cl-ansi-term per issue #841
cl-ansi-text Add cl-ansi-text per issue #468.
cl-api Disable cl-api, since it's SBCL-only.
cl-apple-plist Sync up
cl-arff-parser Add cl-arff-parser per issue #490.
cl-arrows Sync up with the latest release
cl-async-future Add cl-async-future per issue #479.
cl-async Sync with 2012-10-13 release.
cl-autorepo Sync up
cl-autowrap Add cl-autowrap per #532.
cl-azure A pile of updates.
cl-bacteria Add cl-bacteria per #618.
cl-base32 A bunch of updates.
cl-base58 Add cl-base64 per #671.
cl-base64 Remove some misleading files
cl-bayesnet Add cl-baysenet per issue #488.
cl-beanstalk Lots of project updates.
cl-bencode A big batch of updates.
cl-bert Sync up with 2012-11-25 release.
cl-bibtex Lots of project updates.
cl-binary-file A bunch of updates.
cl-binaural Add cl-binaural per #572.
cl-blapack More projects.
cl-bloom Sync up
cl-bplustree Sync up with September release.
cl-btree A bunch of updates.
cl-buchberger Sync up with recent changes.
cl-ca Added cl-ca per issue #800
cl-cairo2 Remove some misleading files
cl-case-control Sync with 2012-10-13 release.
cl-cffi-gtk Added cl-cffi-gtk per #743
cl-charms Update cl-charms to pull from
cl-cheshire-cat Sync up with September release.
cl-cli-parser Remove some misleading files
cl-cli Updates for July 2014 release.
cl-clon Use https source for cl-clon.
cl-closure-template Remove some misleading files
cl-colors Remove some misleading files
cl-conspack Add cl-conspack per #675.
cl-cont Remove some misleading files
cl-containers Remove some misleading files
cl-coroutine Add cl-coroutine per #686.
cl-couch Lots of project updates.
cl-crc64 Add cl-crc64 per issue #689.
cl-creditcard Sync up
cl-cron Re-add cl-cron per #633.
cl-crypt Sync with recent activity.
cl-css Add cl-css per #496.
cl-csv Sync up
cl-ctrnn More new & updated projects.
cl-curlex Add cl-curlex per #510.
cl-custom-hash-table A bunch of updates.
cl-data-format-validation A big batch of updates.
cl-data-frame Add cl-data-frame.
cl-date-time-parser Add cl-date-time-parser per #538.
cl-db3 Add cl-db3 per #585.
cl-dbi Sync up
cl-decimals A pile of updates.
cl-devil Update zkat sources
cl-difflib Remove some misleading files
cl-docutils A big batch of updates.
cl-dot Remove some misleading files
cl-dropbox Sync up
cl-dsl Add cl-dsl per #518.
cl-emacs-if Sync up
cl-emb Change source of cl-emb per #590.
cl-enchant Add cl-enchant per #508.
cl-enumeration Lots of project updates.
cl-epmd Add cl-epmd per #527.
cl-epoch Sync with recent activity.
cl-erlang-term Sync up with 2012-11-25 release.
cl-ev Sync with recent activity.
cl-ewkb Sync up with recent changes.
cl-factoring Sync with recent activity.
cl-fad Remove some misleading files
cl-fam Sync up with 2012-11-25 release.
cl-fastcgi A bunch of updates.
cl-fbclient Sync with recent activity.
cl-fgraph Add cl-fgraph per #577.
cl-flowd Add cl-flowd per #649.
cl-fluidinfo Sync up
cl-freetype2 Sync up
cl-fsnotify Sync up with latest release
cl-ftp A big batch of updates.
cl-fuse-meta-fs Sync with recent changes
cl-fuse Sync up with 2012-11-25 release.
cl-gambol Sync with recent changes
cl-gap-buffer Sync up
cl-gd Remove some misleading files
cl-gdata Change upstream for cl-gdata per #553.
cl-gearman Sync with recent changes
cl-gendoc Sync with recent activity.
cl-gene-searcher Sync up
cl-general-accumulator Sync up with latest release
cl-generic-arithmetic Sync up
cl-geo A pile of updates.
cl-geocode Another batch of updates.
cl-geoip Add several new projects.
cl-geometry Remove some misleading files
cl-github-v3 Add cl-github-v3 per issue #477.
cl-glfw Change upstream for cl-glfw.
cl-glfw3 Add cl-glfw3 per #525.
cl-gobject-introspection Added cl-gobject-introspection per #756
cl-gpu Lots of project updates.
cl-grace Update cl-grace upstream per #543.
cl-graph Remove some misleading files
cl-gravatar More projects.
cl-growl Remove some misleading files
cl-gss Add cl-gss per issue #478.
cl-gtk2 Remove some misleading files
cl-haml Sync up
cl-hash-util Added cl-hash-util per issue #820
cl-heap Sync up with latest release
cl-heredoc A big batch of updates.
cl-hooks Use architecture.hooks instead of cl-hooks.
cl-html-diff Remove some misleading files
cl-html-parse Update cl-html-parse upstream per email from Gary King.
cl-html5-parser Sync with 2012-10-13 release.
cl-hue Added cl-hue per issue #823
cl-i18n Remove some misleading files
cl-iconv Add asdf-install, cl-iconv, cl-org-mode, cl-popen, cl-uglify-js, csv-…
cl-indeterminism Add new projects included in the June 15, 2013 update.
cl-inflector Sync up
cl-influxdb Add cl-influxdb per #654.
cl-inotify Sync up
cl-interpol Remove some misleading files
cl-irc Remove some misleading files
cl-irregsexp Remove some misleading files
cl-isaac Add cl-isaac per #597.
cl-ixf So many fine new projects
cl-jpeg Remove some misleading files
cl-jpl-util Remove some misleading files
cl-json-template More new & updated projects.
cl-json Remove some misleading files
cl-junit-xml Added cl-junit-xml per issue #838
cl-kanren-trs Sync up
cl-kyoto-cabinet A big batch of updates.
cl-l10n-cldr A big batch of updates.
cl-l10n More new & updated projects.
cl-langutils Sync up
cl-larval Add cl-larval per #560.
cl-lastfm Update cl-lastfm to 0.2.1 per #652.
cl-launch Remove some misleading files
cl-ledger A big batch of updates.
cl-lex A big batch of updates.
cl-lexer Lots of project updates.
cl-libevent2 Sync up with 2012-11-25 release.
cl-libpuzzle Add cl-libpuzzle per issue #482.
cl-libsvm Added cl-libsvm per #760
cl-libusb Sync with recent activity.
cl-libuv Add cl-libuv to support the new backend of cl-async.
cl-libxml2 More new & updated projects.
cl-libyaml Added cl-libyaml per issue #851
cl-llvm Sync up
cl-locale Sync up
cl-locatives Add cl-locatives per #456.
cl-log Sync up with September release.
cl-logic Add cl-logic per #656.
cl-ltsv Sync up with the latest release
cl-m4 A big batch of updates.
cl-markdown Remove some misleading files
cl-markup A bunch of updates.
cl-marshal Sync up
cl-match Sync up
cl-mathstats Update upstream of cl-mathstats per #662.
cl-mechanize A bunch of updates.
cl-mediawiki Fix up cl-mediawiki location.
cl-memcached Update cl-memcached upstream to git per #571.
cl-messagepack Sync up
cl-migrations Lots of project updates.
cl-mime Sync up
cl-mlep Added cl-mlep per issue #850
cl-mock Add cl-mock per #681.
cl-modlisp Remove some misleading files
cl-monad-macros A pile of updates.
cl-moneris More projects.
cl-mongo-id Sync with recent activity.
cl-mongo New & moved projects.
cl-mop Added cl-mop per issue #833
cl-mpi Add new upstream for cl-mpi.
cl-mssql Sync up with recent changes.
cl-mtgnet Some libraries from mstickney.
cl-muproc Lots of project updates.
cl-murmurhash Sync up
cl-mustache Sync up with latest release
cl-mw Add cl-mw.
cl-mysql A bunch of updates.
cl-ncurses Initial commit.
cl-neo4j Sync with recent activity.
cl-netstring-plus Some libraries from mstickney.
cl-netstrings Sync with 2012-10-13 release.
cl-ntriples Sync with recent changes
cl-num-utils Remove some misleading files
cl-nxt Move cl-nxt to woudshoo's github repo.
cl-oauth More new & updated projects.
cl-odesk More new & updated projects.
cl-olefs Add cl-olefs.
cl-one-time-passwords Add cl-one-time-passwords per issue #480.
cl-op Sync up with latest release
cl-openal Update zkat sources
cl-opencv Sync up with latest release
cl-opengl Remove some misleading files
cl-openid A bunch of updates.
cl-openstack Sync with recent activity.
cl-org-mode Add asdf-install, cl-iconv, cl-org-mode, cl-popen, cl-uglify-js, csv-…
cl-package-locks Sync up
cl-parallel Sync with recent changes
cl-parser-combinators A bunch of updates.
cl-pass Added cl-pass per #737
cl-pattern Add cl-pattern.
cl-paymill Add cl-paymill per #534.
cl-paypal A big batch of updates.
cl-pdf Remove some misleading files
cl-performance-tuning-helper Add new projects included in the June 15, 2013 update.
cl-permutation Sync with recent activity.
cl-photo Remove some misleading files
cl-plplot Update cl-plplot per #641.
cl-plumbing Sync with recent activity.
cl-ply Add cl-ply.
cl-png A big batch of updates.
cl-pop More new & updated projects.
cl-popen Add asdf-install, cl-iconv, cl-org-mode, cl-popen, cl-uglify-js, csv-…
cl-portaudio Sync up
cl-ppcre Remove some misleading files
cl-prevalence Remove some misleading files
cl-primality Sync with recent activity.
cl-prime-maker Sync with recent changes
cl-proj Sync up with 2012-11-25 release.
cl-project A pile of updates.
cl-prolog Sync up
cl-protobufs Sync with recent activity.
cl-python Move clpython to cl-python and use metawilm's upstream source.
cl-qprint Remove some misleading files
cl-qrencode Add cl-qrencode per #650, but it doesn't build.
cl-quakeinfo Another batch of updates.
cl-quickcheck Lots of project updates.
cl-rabbit Added cl-rabbit per issue #821
cl-rainbow Remove cl-rainbow per issue #468.
cl-randist Lots of project updates.
cl-random Remove some misleading files
cl-rcfiles Remove some misleading files
cl-rdfxml Sync with recent changes
cl-read-macro-tokens Add cl-read-macro-tokens per #587.
cl-readline Added cl-readline per issue #836
cl-recaptcha A bunch of updates.
cl-reddit Added cl-reddit per issue #864
cl-redis Remove some misleading files
cl-reexport Add cl-reexport per #681.
cl-registry Sync up
cl-rethinkdb Added cl-rethinkdb per #593.
cl-rfc2047 Update upstream of cl-rfc2047 per #604.
cl-riff Add cl-riff and cl-wav per #688.
cl-rlimit Added cl-rlimit per issue #796
cl-rmath Sync up
cl-routes Remove some misleading files
cl-rrd Sync with recent changes
cl-rrt Add cl-rrt per issue #484.
cl-rss Initial commit.
cl-rsvg2 Sync up
cl-s3 Remove some misleading files
cl-sails Sync up with recent changes.
cl-sam Sync up
cl-sane Sync up with recent changes.
cl-sanitize More new & updated projects.
cl-sasl Remove some misleading files
cl-scribd Sync up
cl-scrobbler Sync up
cl-sdl2 Add sdl2 per #628.
cl-secure-read Add cl-secure-read and yaclanapht for issue #485.
cl-selenium Change location for cl-selenium, add clache per email from olexiy.z.
cl-sendmail Update cl-sendmail, cl-qprint upstream sources per #644.
cl-sentiment Sync with recent changes
cl-server-manager Add cl-server-manager per #567.
cl-simple-table Add cl-simple-table per issue #466.
cl-skip-list A big batch of updates.
cl-sl4a Add cl-sl4a per #684.
cl-slice Sync up with the latest release
cl-slp Add cl-slp per #659
cl-slug Added cl-slug per issue #832
cl-smtp Remove some misleading files
cl-soap Remove some misleading files
cl-spark Add cl-spark per #566.
cl-speedy-queue Update zkat sources
cl-sphinx A big batch of updates.
cl-splicing-macro Add cl-splicing-macro per #657.
cl-sqlite Remove some misleading files
cl-stdutils Sync up
cl-stm Lots of project updates.
cl-stomp A pile of updates.
cl-stopwatch Sync up with latest release
cl-store Remove some misleading files
cl-string-complete Sync up
cl-string-match Add cl-string-match per #536.
cl-svg A bunch of updates.
cl-svm Sync up with recent changes.
cl-swap-file A bunch of updates.
cl-syntax More new & updated projects.
cl-syslog Update cl-syslog upstream per issue #622.
cl-table Sync with recent changes
cl-tap-producer Fixed for new sourceforge git repository locations
cl-tcod Add cl-tcod source per #368. Doesn't build, though.
cl-template Add several new projects.
cl-tidy Sync up with recent changes.
cl-tk Sync up with recent changes.
cl-tld Add cl-tld per #692.
cl-tokyo-cabinet Sync up
cl-toolbox Sync up with September release.
cl-tulip-graph Sync up with 2012-11-25 release.
cl-tuples Update location for cl-tuples.
cl-twitter More updates.
cl-typesetting Remove some misleading files
cl-uglify-js Add asdf-install, cl-iconv, cl-org-mode, cl-popen, cl-uglify-js, csv-…
cl-unicode Remove some misleading files
cl-unification A big batch of updates.
cl-utilities Remove some misleading files
cl-v4l2 A big batch of updates.
cl-variates Sync up
cl-vectors Remove some misleading files
cl-virtualbox Added cl-virtualbox per #769
cl-voxelize Updates for July 2014 release.
cl-wal A bunch of updates.
cl-wav Add cl-riff and cl-wav per #688.
cl-wbxml Initial commit.
cl-web-crawler Sync with recent changes
cl-webdav Remove some misleading files
cl-webkit More projects.
cl-who Remove some misleading files
cl-win32ole Add cl-win32ole, simple-date-time.
cl-wkb A pile of updates.
cl-xkeysym Added cl-xkeysym per #732
cl-xmlspam A big batch of updates.
cl-xmpp Remove some misleading files
cl-xspf Add cl-xspf
cl-xul Add cl-xul.
cl-yacc Remove some misleading files
cl-yaclyaml Add cl-yaclyaml per #605.
cl-yahoo-finance Sync up
cl-yaml Added cl-yaml per issue #853
cl-zmq Remove some misleading files
cl4store Added cl4store per issue #858
clache Change location for cl-selenium, add clache per email from olexiy.z.
clack-errors Add clack-errors per #600.
clack A bunch of updates.
classimp Lots of project updates.
clavatar Sync with 2012-10-13 release.
clavier Added clavier per issue #859
clawk Remove some misleading files
clazy Update clazy upstream source to git.
clem Remove some misleading files
cleric Remove some misleading files
clesh Sync up
cletris Move cletris upstream per email from Nicolas Lamirault.
clfswm Sync up
clg Sync up with the latest release
clhs Update HexstreamSoft tarball locations (to Amazon S3). Closes #663.
clickr Sync up
clim-widgets Added clim-widgets per issue #831
climacs A big batch of updates.
climc Add climc, climon, and ernestine per Nicolas Lamirault email.
climon Add climc, climon, and ernestine per Nicolas Lamirault email.
clinch Added clinch per issue #501.
clip So many fine new projects
clipper Added clipper per issue #863
clite Add clite per issue #499.
clnuplot Sync with recent changes
clobber Add clobber & lowlight.
clod Sync up
clods-export Added clods-export per issue #866
clon More projects.
clonsigna A bunch of updates.
clos-diff Lots of project updates.
clos-fixtures Add clos-fixtures per #678.
closer-mop Remove some misleading files
closure-common Remove some misleading files
closure-html Remove some misleading files
closure Sync with recent activity.
clot Update wcp-ware to http-bz2 sources.
clouchdb Remove some misleading files
clpmr Update wcp-ware to http-bz2 sources.
clpython Remove some misleading files
clsql-fluid Move the upstream of clsql-fluid per #583.
clsql-helper Sync with recent activity.
clsql-orm Sync up
clsql Remove some misleading files
clss Add clss per #677.
cluck Remove some misleading files
clunit Sync with recent changes
clweb Sync up with latest release
clws Sync with recent activity.
clx-cursor Sync with recent activity.
clx-truetype Sync with recent activity.
clx-xembed Sync with recent activity.
clx-xkeyboard Sync with recent activity.
clx Remove some misleading files
cm Sync up with the latest release
cobstor Update wcp-ware to http-bz2 sources.
codata-recommended-values Update location of codata-recommended-values per issue #469.
coleslaw Sync up with September release.
collectors Sync up
colleen Add Colleen per #665
colorize Remove some misleading files
com.clearly-useful.generic-collection-interface Sync with 2012-10-13 release.
com.clearly-useful.iterate- Sync up with 2012-11-25 release.
com.clearly-useful.iterate-plus Sync with 2012-10-13 release.
com.clearly-useful.iterator-protocol Sync up with September release.
com.clearly-useful.protocols Sync up with September release.
com.clearly-useful.sequence-protocol Sync up with 2012-11-25 release. Sync up
com.informatimago.rdp Sync with recent activity.
com.informatimago A pile of updates.
command-line-arguments Remove some misleading files
common-doc-plump Added common-doc-plump per issue #845
common-doc Added common-doc per issue #829
common-html Added common-html per issue #830
common-lisp-actors A big batch of updates.
common-lisp-stat Add common-lisp-stat.
commonqt A bunch of updates.
computable-reals Sync up
conduit-packages Add orphan homes for conduit-packages and memoize.
conium Remove some misleading files
consix Add two games, TOWERS and CONSIX.
contextl Remove some misleading files
coretest Sync up with the latest release
corona Added corona per #776
cqlcl Added cqlcl per #747
crane Add Crane per #668
croatoan Added croatoan per issue #795
crypto-shortcuts Add crypto-shortcuts and deferred.
css-lite A big batch of updates.
css-selectors Sync up
csv-parser Sync up
curly Sync up with latest release
curry-compose-reader-macros Add curry-compose-reader-macros per #564.
curve Sync with recent changes
cxml-rng Remove some misleading files
cxml-rpc Remove some misleading files
cxml-stp Remove some misleading files
cxml Remove some misleading files
daemon Sync with recent activity.
dartsclhashtree Sync with recent activity.
dartsclmessagepack Add dartsclmessagepack per #672.
dartsclsequencemetrics Sync with recent activity.
data-sift Sync up
data-table Sync up
datafly Add datafly per #673.
date-calc A big batch of updates.
dbus A big batch of updates.
de.setf.wilbur Sync up
declt Use https source for other didier-ware.
def-symbol-readmacro Disable def-symbol-readmacro until ITERATE-KEYWORDS can be added.
defclass-std Added defclass-std per issue #826
defenum Added defenum per issue #837
deferred Add crypto-shortcuts and deferred.
define-json-expander Add define-json-expander per #632.
definer Update disabled definer info.
deflate Lots of project updates.
defmacro-enhance Sync up with the latest release
defmemo Sync up
defpackage-plus Added defpackage-plus per issue #794
defrec Add defrec per issue #472.
defstar Use git for defstar instead of mercurial.
defsystem-compatibility Remove some misleading files
defvariant Add defvariant per #646.
delorean Add delorean per issue #500 and change upstream of local-time to gith…
delta-debug Add delta-debug per #651.
deoxybyte-gzip Sync up
deoxybyte-io Sync up
deoxybyte-systems Sync up
deoxybyte-unix Sync up
deoxybyte-utilities Sync up
descriptions Added descriptions per issue #860
diff Sync up with recent changes.
dissect Added dissect per #764
djula Update djula to mmontone's repo.
dlist Sync up
do-urlencode Sync up
docbrowser Update docbrowser source per #521.
documentation-template Remove some misleading files
donuts Sync with recent activity.
doplus Move doplus upstream per issue #491.
drakma-async Add drakma-async per #573.
drakma Remove some misleading files
draw-cons-tree Add draw-cons-tree per #547.
dso-lex A bunch of updates.
dso-util A bunch of updates.
dstm-collections Sync up
dweet Added dweet per issue #808
dynamic-classes Remove some misleading files
dynamic-collect Add dynamic-collect per issue #465.
dynamic-mixins Added dynamic-mixins per #744
eager-future Remove some misleading files
eager-future2 More projects.
eazy-gnuplot Added eazy-gnuplot per issue #802
eazy-process Added eazy-process per issue #843
eazy-project Added eazy-project per issue #804
ec2 More new & updated projects.
eco Added eco per #733
elephant Remove some misleading files
elf Sync up with latest release
embeddable-maxima Sync up
enhanced-eval-when Update HexstreamSoft tarball locations (to Amazon S3). Closes #663.
enhanced-multiple-value-bind Update HexstreamSoft tarball locations (to Amazon S3). Closes #663.
envy Add envy per #582.
eos Remove some misleading files
epigraph Add epigraph per #531.
equals Updates for July 2014 release.
ernestine Add climc, climon, and ernestine per Nicolas Lamirault email.
escalator Sync with recent activity.
esrap-liquid Update upstream of esrap-liquid per #658.
esrap-peg Sync with recent changes
esrap Remove some misleading files
event-emitter Added event-emitter per #753
event-glue Add event-glue per #690.
evol A big batch of updates.
exponential-backoff Added exponential-backoff per issue #809
exscribe Initial commit.
ext-blog Sync up
extended-reals Sync with 2012-10-13 release.
external-program A bunch of updates.
f-underscore Remove some misleading files
f2cl Remove some misleading files
fare-csv Remove some misleading files
fare-matcher Remove some misleading files
fare-memoization Sync up
fare-mop Sync up
fare-quasiquote Sync up with 2012-11-25 release.
fare-utils Remove some misleading files
fast-http Added fast-http per #780
fast-io Updating fast-io branch per #752
fcgi Sync up with the latest release
femlisp Update femlisp upstream per private email from Nicolas Neuss
ffa A big batch of updates.
fft Remove some misleading files
fiasco Added fiasco per #771
filtered-functions Add filtered-functions per #550.
firephp Sync up
fiveam Remove some misleading files
flexi-streams Remove some misleading files
flexichain Remove some misleading files
floating-point Sync up with recent changes.
fnv More projects.
folio Sync with 2012-10-13 release.
fomus A bunch of updates.
form-fiddle Added form-fiddle per #788
formlets Sync up with September release.
fs-watcher Add fs-watcher per #530.
fsbv Remove some misleading files
fset Remove some misleading files
fsvd Update melisgl libraries per #759.
fucc Lots of project updates.
function-cache Add function-cache.
funds A bunch of updates.
garbage-pools Update garbage-pools per #523.
gbbopen A big batch of updates.
gcm Added gcm per issue #811
gendl "genworks-gdl" becomes "gendl" per issue #486.
generators Add GENERATORS.
generic-comparability Added generic-comparability per issue #825
generic-sequences Sync with recent changes
genhash Added genhash per issue #799
genworks-gdl "genworks-gdl" becomes "gendl" per issue #486.
getopt Remove some misleading files
gettext Add gettext per #489.
glaw Remove some misleading files
global-vars Added global-vars per #778
glop Remove some misleading files
glu-tessellate Sync up with September release.
glyphs Add glyphs.
gordon Update gordon upstream to git per private email from Sergio Garcia.
graph Add graph per #565.
graylex A big batch of updates.
green-threads Update redirected github projects.
group-by Sync up
gsharp A big batch of updates.
gsll Remove some misleading files
gtfl A big batch of updates.
gtk-cffi Sync with recent changes
gzip-stream Remove some misleading files
hash-set Updates for July 2014 release.
hctsmsl Rename cl-hcstcslcshcml per #535.
hdf5-cffi Added hdf5-cffi per #738
helambdap Add helambdap per #619. Doesn't build, though.
hemlock Remove some misleading files
hermetic Add hermetic per issue #624.
hh-aws Sync up
hh-redblack Sync up
hh-web-tags Sync with recent activity.
hh-web Sync with recent activity.
hinge Sync with recent activity.
hl7-client Added hl7-client per issue #867
hl7-parser Added hl7-parser per issue #868
hspell Added hspell per issue #810
ht-ajax Sync up with recent changes.
ht-simple-ajax Move ht-simple-ajax source per issue #492.
html-encode Remove some misleading files
html-entities A pile of updates.
html-sugar Update wcp-ware to http-bz2 sources.
html-template Remove some misleading files
http-body Added http-body per #785
http-parse Sync up with the latest release
hu.dwim.asdf Sync up
hu.dwim.common-lisp Sync up
hu.dwim.common Sync up
hu.dwim.computed-class Sync up
hu.dwim.debug Add hu.dwim.debug.
hu.dwim.def Sync up
hu.dwim.defclass-star Sync up
hu.dwim.delico Sync up
hu.dwim.logger Sync up
hu.dwim.partial-eval Sync up
hu.dwim.perec Sync up
hu.dwim.presentation Sync up
hu.dwim.quasi-quote Sync up
hu.dwim.rdbms Sync up
hu.dwim.reiterate Sync up
hu.dwim.serializer Sync up
hu.dwim.stefil Sync up
hu.dwim.syntax-sugar Sync up
hu.dwim.uri Add projectured per issue #462.
hu.dwim.util Sync up
hu.dwim.walker Sync up
hu.dwim.web-server Sync up
hu.dwim.wui Sync up
humbler Added humbler per #736
hunchensocket Added hunchensocket per #772
hunchentoot-auth Update upstream for another Cyrus Harmon project to github.
hunchentoot-cgi Sync up
hunchentoot-single-signon Add hunchentoot-single-signon per per #591.
hunchentoot-vhost Disable hunchentoot-vhost.
hunchentoot Remove some misleading files
hyperobject Remove some misleading files
hyperspec-lookup Sync up with recent changes.
idna More new & updated projects.
ie3fp Update wcp-ware to http-bz2 sources.
ieee-floats Remove some misleading files
image Sync up
imago Remove some misleading files
incf-cl A big batch of updates.
incognito-keywords Update HexstreamSoft tarball locations (to Amazon S3). Closes #663.
incongruent-methods Add incongruent-methods per issue #461.
inferior-shell Sync up with latest release
infix-dollar-reader Sync up with September release.
inner-conditional Add inner-conditional per issue #498.
inotify Lots of project updates.
integral Add integral per #627.
intercom Sync with 2012-10-13 release.
interface Added interface per #734
introspect-environment Added introspect-environment per issue #805
iolib Remove some misleading files
ip-interfaces More projects.
irc-logger Remove some misleading files
ironclad Remove some misleading files
iterate-clsql Sync up with the latest release
iterate Remove some misleading files
jenkins Sync with recent changes
jpl-queues Remove some misleading files
js-parser Sync up with recent changes.
js Remove some misleading files
json-streams Add json-streams per #694.
jsown Sync with 2012-10-13 release.
jwacs Remove some misleading files
kl-verify Sync up
km A bunch of updates.
kmrcl Remove some misleading files
l-math Update l-math upstream per
lambda-fiddle Added lambda-fiddle per #781
lambda-gtk Sync up with recent changes.
lambda-lift Sync up with the latest release
lambda-reader Sync up
lambdalite Add LambdaLite.
langutils Sync up
lass Added lass per #740
lassie Update melisgl libraries per #759.
latex-table Add asdf-install, cl-iconv, cl-org-mode, cl-popen, cl-uglify-js, csv-…
let-over-lambda Add let-over-lambda per #598.
let-plus Sync up with recent changes.
letrec Sync with recent activity.
lev Added lev per issue #827
leveldb Added leveldb per issue #807
levenshtein Add levenshtein, soundex.
lexer Disable lexer.
lfarm Sync up with the latest release
lhstats Sync with upstream.
lift Remove some misleading files
linedit A big batch of updates.
linewise-template Added linewise-template per issue #849
lisa Sync up
lisp-executable Sync up
lisp-gflags Sync up
lisp-interface-library Sync with recent activity.
lisp-invocation Add lisp-invocation and racer.
lisp-magick A big batch of updates.
lisp-matrix Sync with recent changes
lisp-namespace Added lisp-namespace per issue #862
lisp-on-lines Remove some misleading files
lisp-unit Remove some misleading files
lisp-unit2 Add lisp-unit2.
lisp-zmq Use version 1.5.0 of lisp-zmq.
lispbuilder Remove some misleading files
lisphys Add lisphys per #576.
listoflist Sync with recent changes
lla Remove some misleading files
lml Remove some misleading files
lml2 Remove some misleading files
local-package-aliases Sync with recent changes
local-time-duration Added local-time-duration per #786
local-time Remove some misleading files
log4cl Use log4cl from sharplispers for now.
log5 Remove some misleading files
lol-re Add lol-re per #669.
loopless Sync up
lowlight Add clobber & lowlight.
lparallel Sync up
lquery Update upstream of lquery per #645.
lredis Lots of project updates.
ltk Update ltk to 0.981 URL.
lucerne Added lucerne per issue #834
lw-add-ons Initial commit.
lw-compat Change upstream of Pascal Costanza's projects from clnet to sourcefor…
lw-doc Initial commit.
lw-win Initial commit.
m2cl Sync up with recent changes.
macro-level Update HexstreamSoft tarball locations (to Amazon S3). Closes #663.