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GDocs4Ruby is a wrapper for version 2 of the Google Documents API
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GDocs4Ruby is a full featured wrapper for version 2.0 of the Google Documents API (aka DocList). GDocs4Ruby provides the ability to create, update and delete google documents, metadata and content. The gem also includes support for folders, modifying permissions for documents via ACL feeds, and much more.

GDocs4Ruby uses the GData4Ruby Gem for interacting with the Google API. Check out for other Google API Libraries based using GData4Ruby.

Author and Contact Information

GDocs4Ruby was created and is maintained by Mike Reich and is licenses under the GPL v2. Feel free to use and update, but be sure to contribute your code back to the project and attribute as required by the license.



GDocs4Ruby includes the following classes: Service, Folder, BaseObject, Spreadsheet, Document, Presentation.

The Service object provides functionality for authenticating with the Google Documents API, grabbing a list of documents and a list of folders associated with the account.

Interacting with objects is done by using the associated subclass of BaseObject, i.e. Document. Every object class supports the same inherited methods for creating, updating and deleting, in addition to changing ACL permissions, and adding and removing from various folders.


Below are some common usage examples. For more examples, check the documentation. Also, check out the example code for integrating with Rails at


  1. Authenticate

    service =
    service.authenticate("", "password")
  2. Get Document List

    documents = service.files
  3. Get Folder List

    folders = serivce.folders


  1. Create a new Document

    doc =
    doc.title = 'Test Document'
    doc.content = '<h1>Test Content HTML</h1>'
    doc.content_type = 'html'
  2. Deleting a Document

    doc = Document.find(@service, {:id => @doc_id})
  3. Finding an existing Document by id

    doc = Document.find(@service, {:id => @doc_id})
  4. Full Text Query

    doc = Document.find(@service, 'content text')


    doc = Document.find(@service, {:query => 'content text'})
  5. Finding an Existing Document by Title

    doc = Document.find(@service, nil, {'title' => 'Test Document'})
  6. Updating a Document with Content from a Local File

    doc = Document.find(@service, {:id => @doc_id})
    doc.title = 'New Title'
    doc.local_file = '/path/to/some/file'
  7. Retrieving an Export

    doc = Document.find(@service, {:id => @doc_id})
    doc.download_to_file('pdf', '/path/to/save/location.pdf')
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