RDF wrapper for Datomic
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A Clojure library to store RDF data in Datomic.

The principle here is to map the RDF data model onto Datomic's data model, choosing Clojure types whenever possible to make it more idiomatic for Clojure, and faster in Datomic..

This is still a work in progress. For the moment it reads RDF/Turtle files and determines a schema that should accept the data. Uses CRG-Turtle to load the RDF. Returns graphs as seqs of triples.

Kiara supports named graphs and a default graph. These are tracked in a system graph, which records the graphs and their names, along with all the known prefix/namespace-reference pairs.

Kiara is storing all IRIs as QNames (keywords internally). This is for efficiency, and works much more elegantly with Clojure. When a prefix cannot be determined for a namespace, a new one is generated. These prefixes are unique across the system. It is possible to store URIs, so this may be made an option in the future if it proves necessary.

Despite my best intentions, RDF/XML support will be required. The goal is to support this natively, without resorting to Jena's parser.


API usage only for the moment. See the test namespace for examples.


  • Flesh out tests for various RDF structures and large loads.
  • Write an RDF/XML parser.
  • Implement a rules engine, with flow control based on core.async.
  • Provide a BGP resolution interface (for SPARQL engines).
  • Create CLI tools.


Kiara Is A Recursive Acronym


Copyright © 2013 Paula Gearon

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.