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This project is the frontend for It is built using Reactjs + Redux + Expressjs + Webpack. It is isomorphic (javascript shared between both the server and the client) for SEO reasons.

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How to contribute

We trust that you will not copy this idea/project, this is at the end for the sake of Allah and we all have good intentions while working with this project. But we must stress that copying the code/project is unacceptable.

Read the contributing section before creating an issue.

Running the app locally

  • Ensure you have nodejs installed
  • Get the source by running git clone or creating a fork
  • Run npm install to do first time installation of all dependencies
  • Run npm run dev to start the dev server
  • Open http://localhost:8000 in your browser to see the app.


To see the app with the latest changes, see the staging site. Production releases are made periodically when staging is stable and well tested.


The API source is at

DB is private, message @mmahalwy for access.

The dev server uses the staging API by default. If you want to use a local API server, follow the instructions in the API repo and run the server locally then update the API_URL field in app.json to point to the local address.


Signup at to be added to the Slack group


We currently use InvisionApp. Again, contact me if you'd like access to it.

Making sure main.js is small


env NODE_ENV=development webpack --json > bundle-stats.json
subl bundle-stats.json #so that you can the output
analyze-bundle-size bundle-stats.json