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TEKSI drinking water module (Project QWAT)

Open source water distribution network module based on QGIS / Postgis

TEKSI drinking water Module

Welcome to the TEKSI drinking water Module GitHub Home page đź‘‹

TEKSI drinking water module (project name: QWAT) is a selection of tools and a database implementation that allows you to:

  • manage and map the data of your drinking water network with all its components such as pipes, valves, pumps, tanks, etc.
  • indicate the characteristics of network objects in the form of attributes such as diameter, material, installation depth, leaks, date of installation, etc.
  • produce plans and extract statistics from the database such as network value, total length of pipes, identification of future interventions, etc.
  • export geodata in compliance with the requirements of Swiss standards

TEKSI drinking water module is a complete open source module based on a PostgreSQL - PostGIS data model almost compatible with the swiss norm SIA405. The data are accessed and edited with a dedicated QGIS project. The project is maintained by the TEKSI community

TEKSI is a non profit swiss association set up to support open source professional GIS projects aiming to ease the management of public infrastructures. TEKSI GitHub Home page

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    TEKSI Water module (project QWAT) - QGIS project

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    TEKSI Water module (project QWAT) - PostgreSQL / postgis Datamodel

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