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A PSP/ePSP plugin to run official NPDRM PS1/PSP content without need of a valid .rif license or act.dat.
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loader Fixed import scanning function. Jun 25, 2018
np9660_patch Fixed suspend/resume issue. Jun 27, 2018
Makefile npdrm_free v7.0 Jun 24, 2018 Fixed suspend/resume issue. Jun 27, 2018
gpl-3.0.txt npdrm_free v7.0 Jun 24, 2018


by qwikrazor87

A PSP/ePSP plugin to run official NPDRM PS1/PSP content without need of a valid .rif license or act.dat.


  • Place npdrm_free.prx at ms0:/seplugins/npdrm_free.prx.
  • Enable plugin in both ms0:/seplugins/game.txt and ms0:/seplugins/vsh.txt.
  • Write this line in both .txt files: ms0:/seplugins/npdrm_free.prx 1
  • Restart VSH, now you can run any official PSN content without a license.

ALL content MUST be encrypted and left as is from official .pkg for this plugin to work, otherwise use NoDRM engine in PRO CFW.



  • Suspend/resume issue should be fixed, thanks to kyleatlast.


  • Fixed the import scanning function that caused a crash on false positives.


  • This plugin now patches the core of npdrm to decrypt content if and only if the official method (rif + act.dat) fails
  • Now you can run official PSN games and DLC without needing to decrypt them.
  • Now generates KEYS.BIN for official PSN PS1 EBOOTs on-the-fly if needed.
  • PSN TG-16/PC Engine games can now be run without first decrypting any content, do NOT decrypt the PSP-KEY.EDAT for it.
  • PTF themes requiring a license can now be installed.
  • Suspend issue from previous versions should now be fixed, if not try disabling all other plugins.


Huge thanks to all involved in the PSP/ePSP/PSVita homebrew community, devs and users alike, without whom I would not be able to accomplish this task. You are too numerous to name.

Big thanks to kyleatlast who revived this project by finally fixing the suspend issue in ePSP.

Author's notes

Contact me for issues if needed.

I hope you enjoy this plugin as much as I did making it and figuring out how PSP NPDRM works. :)

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