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Episode discussion bot for /r/anime.
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Holo, of course.


Anime episode discussion post bot for /r/anime. Monitors online stream services for newly published episodes and submits a post for each to Reddit.

Currently operates under the account /u/AutoLovepon. (Previously /u/Holo_of_Yoitsu)

Season configurations (show names and associated service URLs for each anime season) can be found in season_configs. Each can be loaded using the edit module.


  • Python 3.5+
  • requests
  • feedparser
  • beautifulsoup4
  • praw
  • praw-script-oauth
  • unidecode
  • pyyaml

Design notes

  • Partitioned into multiple self-contained runnable modules
  • Runs once and exits to play nice with schedulers
  • Source sites (Crunchyroll, Funimation, Nyaa) are self-contained with a common interface


Name Run freq Command
Find new episodes high python -s [subreddit]
Update shows med python -m update
Find new show low (or manual) python -m find
Edit shows manual python -m edit [show-config]
Setup database once python -m setup

Quick setup for local development

  1. Update config file with your desired useragent and reddit details. Make sure the subreddit you're posting to is a personal test subreddit. You can generate a Reddit OAuth key by following the steps in the Getting Started section of their GitHub wiki.
useragent = useragent_to_use

subreddit = my_test_subreddit
username = test_reddit_account
password = test_reddit_account_password
oauth_key = reddit_oath_key
oauth_secret = reddit_oath_key_secret
  1. Set up the database by running python src/ -m setup
  2. Load the desired season config files by running python src/ -m edit season_configs/[season]_[year].yaml
  3. Update the show information by running python src/ -m update
  4. The bot is now ready to post threads with python src/
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