A ruby library used to root out smells in your cukes.
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A ruby library used to root out smells in your cukes. Tailored for identifying critical problems as well as general improvements to your project/features/scenarios/step definitions.

Scoring is based on the number of 'smells' in a cucumber project, where smells are potential misuses or errors. Cuke_sniffer follows a 'golf score' type system where the lower the number, the better. 'Min' refers to the overall best score for a particular object and the 'Max' is the overall worst object score.


Patch Notes

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gem install cuke_sniffer


cuke_sniffer can be used through the command line or inline. Follow the links to learn more.


cuke_sniffer data can be used in several different formats. Follow the links to learn more and see examples of each output.

Console Output

HTML Output

Xml Output

Helping Out

To better help others in the community with comparison of the scores we need data. We would appreciate it if you could submit a min_html report for your projects. This report has no identifiable data for you or your project and has only the summary, improvement list, and rules section.

Feel like programming? Fork the project and grab something from the backlog or come up with something you think that will advance the project!

Submitting Issues

To submit an issue you have found in CukeSniffer, please use the GitHub issue page for this gem.

Authored by: Robert Cochran, Chris Vaughn, Robert Anderson

Contributions by Manifest Solutions