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backdoorppt - 'Office spoof extensions tool'

Version release: v1.7-Stable
Author: pedro ubuntu  [ r00t-3xp10it ]
Distros Supported: Linux Kali, Ubuntu, Mint
Suspicious-Shell-Activity© (SSA) RedTeam develop @2017


Transform your payload.exe into one fake word doc (.ppt)

Simple script that allow users to add a ms-word icon to one
existing executable.exe (using resource-hacker as backend appl)
and a ruby one-liner command that will hidde the .exe extension
and add the word doc .ppt extension to the end of the file name.

Spoof extension methods

backdoorppt tool uses 2 diferent extension spoof methods:
'Right to Left Override' & 'Hide Extensions for Known File Types'
Edit the 'settings' file to chose what method should be used..

cd backdoorppt && nano settings


Dependencies (backend applications required)

xterm, wine, ruby, ResourceHacker(wine)

'backdoorppt script will work on wine 32 or 64 bits'
'it also installs ResourceHacker under .../.wine/Program Files/.. directorys'

Tool Limitations

1º - backdoorppt only supports windows binarys to be transformed (.exe -> .ppt)
2º - backdoorppt requires ResourceHacker installed (wine) to change the icons
3º - backdoorppt present you 6 available diferent icons (.ico) to chose from
4º - backdoorppt does not build real ms-word doc files, but it will transform
     your payload.exe to look like one word doc file (social engineering).

Backdoorppt working (Kali distros)


transformed files on-target system (windows)


Final notes

Target user thinks they are opening a word document file,
but in fact they are executing one binary payload insted.

Video tutorials:


Special thanks:

@Damon Mohammadbagher | Article:

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