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wget v1.19.1 for exploit dev.


This is not a working exploit - under development.


# Build the container
docker build -t cve201713089 .
# OR ...
docker pull robertcolejensen/cve201713089

# Play around in the container, `src` will be mounted at `/opt/CVE-2017-13089/src`

# Develop an exploit, runs `gdb` with external debugging symbols loaded
./ dev

# Run the included DoS PoC
./ dos

# Run the included exploit PoC (wip)
./ exploit


For maximum FUN I have done the following:

  • Enabled executable stack flag in wget: execstack -s /usr/local/bin/wget
  • Disabled stack canaries in wget: CFLAGS="-fno-stack-protector $CFLAGS"
  • Disabled ASLR on the docker host: docker-machine ssh security-vm 'sudo sysctl -w kernel.randomize_va_space=0'
  • Generated external debug symbols for exploit dev

You should duplicate the ASLR change on your own Docker host - the other changes are in the Dockerfile.

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