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Risc's Diablo Improvements


This is a modification (mod) I wrote somewhere between 2008 and 2009 to Blizzard's Diablo 1 game. It's a DLL injection-based binary modification that extends the original game with some new features.

The modification does NOT circumvent any copy protection, so it will still require the original CD to play. This is also not a trainer, it won't allow you to cheat in any way. It simply adds some features to the game to make it more convenient to play.


  • Character level progress indicator
  • Displays items on ground (like Diablo 2)
  • Shows target health when hovering over monsters
  • Displays total number of enemies left in the current level
  • Customizable via built-in options menu

There are also some interesting things about the implementation:

  • All text and menus are rendered with the games own routines
  • The extension is unobtrusive and won't interfere with your save games
  • It's pretty light on resources. The extension hooks Diablo's vsync-routine to minimize draw calls.


When starting the game, this screen greets you:


You can customize what to display through this menu:


Here we see that the player has reached 4% into level 2, there are 124 monsters left on the level and the skeleton we are hovering over has 100% health.


In this screenshot we see that two items currently in view are on the ground. A pile of gold and a potion of healing.


The code

The implementation is based around the injection of a DLL into Diablo.exe which contain all new functionality.

Since the code is riddled with stuff like this...

int* GetSelectedUnit()
	//monsterstruct_plats = 0x52688C + (monstertal * 0x0E4)
	int* unittal = (int*)0x556814;
	if(*unittal == -1)
		return 0;
	int* unit = (int*)(0x52688C + (*unittal * 0x0E4));	
	return unit;

... the modification is only binary compatible with Diablo version 1.0 as delivered on the original CD. Upgrading this project to work with 1.09 (the final Diablo patch) would require a major rewrite and most notably a great deal of work to find and patch all misaligned function addresses.

The detour functions were written by Dyndrilliac at the forums. See

Notice that in order to run this, you must run DLoader.exe from your Diablo folder. DLoader expects diabloext.dll to be in this folder.


Injection-based modification for Diablo 1







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