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Rack middleware (for r509-ca-http) that writes issued certificates to disk.

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This project is related to r509 and r509-ca-http, allowing you to save all issued certificates to the filesystem after they're issued. This is middleware so that you don't need to have your CA know anything about writing to the filesystem if you don't want to.


Add this to the file for your r509-ca-http instance.

require 'r509/middleware/certwriter'

use R509::Middleware::Certwriter
run R509::CertificateAuthority::Http::Server

You'll also need to tell your CA where to save the issued certificates. Add this to the bottom of your r509-ca-http config.yaml:

certwriter: {
  path: "/absolute/path/to/wherever/you/want/the/certs"

Now every time a certificate is issued, it will be saved to the filesystem.

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